Malibu Rotary Club voted to send $500 to the Rotary Club of Pontiac Michigan to help build and install BioSand Filters in Santo Domingo De Los Colorados, Ecuador. As was noted by Carol Cousineau, who, along with husband Ron brought the project to our attention, after installing the first BioSand filters in Ecuador, "That money would be matched by the next District Grant, which we have been assured we will get. So, for instance $500.00 would become $750.00.


The filters and two 5 gallon safe water containers per unit, cost around $60.00 each, so a donation of $500.00 would provide 12 families of five or more with 20 gallons of water each day - enough for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, bathing and washing clothes! The filters are expected to last at least 50 years without the need to add any expense except chlorine - available and inexpensive. That means each family will have more money to provide more nutritious food for their families, since they don't have to pay for propane to boil their water. It will mean more time to spend with their children, rather than boiling or foraging for firewood. With great improvement in the health of all the family members, fewer cases of diarrhea and stomach flu from bad water and parasites, the parents will better be able to hold down a job and provide for their families, children will be able to attend school more days and have a better future.  
We are excited about this project because we anticipate that this is just the beginning. All over Ecuador, there are families struggling to survive, with a high infant mortality rate, because of bad water. This successful project will be a shining example and model. Rotary is the perfect vehicle for getting the word out about BioSand and accomplishing the goal of providing safe drinking water for the world. BioSand is one of the four methods of purifying water recommended for Third World Countries by the World Health Organization. (We have researched the others. Since they provide only a small amount of water for drinking, are small and ceramic, so more susceptible to breakage or deterioration, or adding so much chlorine that the people won't drink it, the concrete BioSand is by far the best choice for all but mountainous areas, where a more expensive plastic version of BioSand is an alternative.)"

For a while it looked like the matching grant process was not going to happen.  When Malibu Rotarian Bill Wishard visited Ecuador in March, 2010, he was able to meet with Ecuador Past District 4400 Governor, Juan Prinz, to get project back on track.