Posted by John Elman on May 31, 2017

Malibu Rotary Club President-Elect Binaca Torrance  introduced film producers Pete Allman (L) and Alex Ayzin (R)  who showed excerpts of their video “The Winds of Freedom” at the Malibu Rotary Club meeting May 31 2017.
“When the power of Love overcomes the love of Power then the world will know peace.”~Jimi Hendrix
Winds of Freedom is  world peace initiative launched with symphonic-multi-media presentations inspired and produced by Alex Ayzin in a quest to promote harmony and cooperation among nations Global Peace and Universal Love among all humanity.  
Winds of Freedom is a non-profit 501(c) corporation dedicated to achieving world peace, including the presentation of a spectacular multi-media concert event celebrating man’s struggle for peace and freedom over the last hundred years, with riveting images of the human quest against oppression, set against a backdrop of music from one of Russia’s finest composers, Emilian Sichkin.  Winds of Freedom is a dazzling evening of music set against breathtaking historical footage of the defining moments of our century, and words from world leaders and celebrities of our times, together in a magnificent performance dedicated to peace among all nations and peoples. One of the premier showings of the video was at the Malibu Rotary Club on May 31, 2017.  Their website is

Peter Allman is a film producer, journalist, talk show host, author of" Messages" and owner of Celebrity Scene News.  This film about the peace process has intro by  Leonardo Di Caprio. Alex Ayzin fled with his family from Russia in 1979 and after seeing atrocities in the world and yet being inspired by John Lennon words and music "Give Peace a Chance," conceived of "The Winds of Freedom," first as a musical concert and then as a video which he hopes to reach young people.


See interview of Pete Allman interview Alex Ayzin and description of the "The Winds of Freedom" video on YouTube at



 Winds of Freedom is a movement, and a multi-media Event; a synthesis of music, vision, performance and humanity, all coming together to celebrate the spirit of hope, courage and cultural harmony. It is a combination of efforts from a diverse group of international talents to communicate the shared goal of peace and freedom for all peoples.  

 The trailer of Winds of Fredom:


Here is the link to the Playlist at the the Malibu Rotary Presentation, showing 4 of the 8 parts of the movie:

  1. Earth Song 5:14
  2. Winds of Freedom 7:36
  3. Reverie 5:55
  4. Finale 7:46

Below are the links to  entire 8 part 49 minute video which  is available for view on YouTube.