Posted by John Elman on May 18, 2019
Malibu Rotary Club was the  Lead club for the Rotary BARRANCA-Smile Project that members of Rotary District 5280 visited on their  Peruvian Rotary Humanitarian District trip on April 3-8 2019.  Representing the Malibu Rotary Club at the project was Malibu Rotary Club President Bianca Torrence, who was born in Peru. 
Rotary BARRANCA-Smile Project  is hosted by Rotary Club of Barranca, District 4465 Serving the marginal urban and rural sectors, and in educational institutions where there are deficiencies in oral health care in Supe Pueblo, Puerto Supe, Pativilca, Paramonga and Barranca. Needs Assessment Oral Health in Peru is a public health problem, so a comprehensive approach is necessary, applying effective measures to promote oral health and prevent the consequnces of poor oral health . Poor population, as well as non-poor, presents needs for the treatment of oral diseases. One of the human groups sensitive to such public health problems are minors, including children between the ages of 3 and 6, where the habits of hygiene and oral care are generated and reinforced, which will be sustained during their future development. This need was assessed by visiting the schools and population evaluation by dentists in Barranca.
Project Description
Preventive care and education to children who belong to the Non-school Initial Education Program.
 Oral health care for beneficiaries of urban and rural sectors.
 School and population training in Barranca Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment Goals
The objective of this project is the promotion of oral health and oral hygiene in marginal urban and rural sectors without health coverage and children from Not Standardized Initial Education Programs. Bianca said her family has had a charity project in Peru for years she has decided to have her family charity project to contribute an additional $1000 to that project in behalf of the Malibu Rotary Club, doubling the Malibu Rotary Club contribution from $1000 to $2000.  Bianca spoke at the Pacific Palisades Rotary Club September 20 and was persuasive enough to have the Palisades Club join the Malibu Rotary Club in sponsoring the Peruvian SMILE BARRANCA project.  Before the trip Bianca broke her right foot, but that did not stop her from going on the trip.  For video on the project from Peruvian TV  go to