Pictured are participants in the 2017 Malibu Rotary Club Middle and High School Singing
 Bottom 2 rows are the high school student participants. 
The middle school singers are standing in second row from top.
Members of the sponsoring Malibu Rotary Club are standing in the top row.
24 Students from Krysta Sorensen's vocal classes at Malibu Middle School and Malibu High School
 competed for prize money at special concert program at Raitt Recital Hall at Pepperdine University
 on January 18.   They were accompanied by pianist Joellen McNaughton.
The 124 seat theater was filled to capacity. The panel of judges from the music industry
 scored student performances. In addition to the cash awards of $200, $100, and $50 that were given
 to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place  finishers in both the middle school division and the high school division,
the winner of the high School division contest Claire Anneet is being sponsored by the Malibu Rotary Club
to participate in the  Rotary District Pageant of the Arts Competition held March 11th
 at Loyola Marymount University  in Los Angeles.
Pictured above are winners of Malibu Rotary Club Middle and High School
Singing Competition.
L to R: Middle School 3rd place winner Sinan Taylor who sang Ben Howard’s
“Gracious” while accompanying himself on guitar; Middle School 2nd place winner
Lauren Reed who sang “Part of your world” from Little Mermaid; Middle School 1st
place winner Camille Anneet who sang “Popular” from Wicked; 1st Place High School
Winner Claire Anneet who sang “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys; 3rd Place High School
Winner Willam Hammond who sang Smokey Robinson’s “Who’s Lovin’ you”; 2nd Place
High School Winner Ife Houzell who sang Anthony Newley-Leslie Bricusse”s “Feeling
Good”,  music industry judges Zoe Scott, Armand Sabal-Lecco, and Tris Imbodden and
Event Master of Ceremonies Ted Silverberg.
At the district competition Malibu Rotary's singer will compete against student  musicians sponsored
by 60 other Rotary Clubs.  
Malibu's entrants have taken second place at the district competition the past 2 years
 competing not only singers, but with instrumentalists.  Last year’s Malibu entrant Maggie Renee Valdman     
was accepted to and is now attending Julliard School of Music, pursuing her career in music.   
Malibu Rotary Co-chair for this year’s event were Teresa LeGrove and David Zielski.
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