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Vitaliy Bezrodnov Apr 28, 2021
Rotary Childrens Fund & Its International Exchange
Rotary Childrens Fund & Its International Exchange

Vitaliy Bezrodnov is Founder “Rotary Childrens Fund” Coordinator of Cultural Exchange Program “Golden Gates”. He was Born in the South of Soviet Union. Now it is South Kazakhstan Native Russian. Went to Music College and Conservatory in Russia. In 1994 immigrated to the United States. Was introduced to Rotary on the Russian-American district Confrence in the 90th in Denver, Colorado. Became member of the Lakewood-Rocky River Rotary Club (Cleveland area), Ohio in 1997)

He became Founder and Coordinator of Rotary Childrens Fund 501 C3 in 2003. www.RotaryChildrensFund.org The “Rotary Childrens Fund” exists to promote good will between countries by funding organizations that contribute to peace, cultural understanding and appreciation through the arts. Finding young artists, performers and musicians worldwide to share their Cultures through their performances and workshops which features their talents, traditional costumes and individual personalities. Improving good will between the people of America and other countries. Developing a better understanding of cultures, music and traditions. Building Cultural Bridges Since 2003, over 500 young people were awarded to be in 40 youth groups that traveled internationally and shared their talent and culture with over 1.000.000 people. For last 5 years organized groups visited over 300 public schools, Universities, Colleges and provided educational multicultural programs to communities throughout the USA.

Since 2007 Vitaliy has been a member of Rotary Club of Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

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