Syrian Refugee Sponsorship

Greig Soohen introduced our speaker for tonight, Pastor Jaz Ghag, of Christian Life Assembly, Gibsons. Pastor Jaz spoke about the Syrian Refugee Project, and the 2 families that will be relocating to the Sunshine Coast. One family is comprised of a mother and father, and two young daughters. The second family is a mother and adult son.
The sponsorship of these families is not through the government Refugee Program, but through an arms-length organization called Citizen Immigration Canada (CIC). There are approximately 1,100 churches involved in the work of CIC, and they have a standing Private Sponsorship agreement through the CIC, and the federal government. If a church wants to privately sponsor a refugee family, they apply to CIC.
Fortunately, both families are known to one another, so they will not feel completely isolated, while assimilation into their new homes, takes place. Pastor Jaz explained that the federal government estimates that a family of 4 needs about $25,000.00 for support during the first year; a family of 2 would need $21,000.00.
To assist in raising the funds, many well-known artists on the Coast, have contributed art work, that will be auctioned off, by auctioneer ‘extraordinaire’, Ed Hill, at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery, this coming Saturday.
All/any monies raised for the Syrian Refugee program, are designated as such, and will be used only for this project.