Rotary Club of Sunshine Coast Rotarian Terry Umbach spoke on his passion and a success story in providing drinking water for a small village in Kenya. More than $100,000 has been raised and the water well was dedicated on Sept. 5, 2010. There are 26 Rotary Clubs worldwide in supporting this project plus Sunshine Coast residents. The St. Hilda Anglican Church also contributed $5000 for the GReen House project.
Ndandini projects can be viewed online at: 1. This is an article about our project that appeared in the December Newsletter from Wasrag (Water & Sanitation Rotary Action Group) now called . 2. This is our own blogspot with a chronological written record of the project and many photos along the way. I recommend reading it completely and starting with the oldest blog post so that you can follow our progress to its ultimate success (and the outlining of the potential future projects). 3. This is our new blogsport for the scholarship fund that we have started to help kids go to high school in the area.