Assistant District Governor Wayne Roy sworn in our new Pesident Linda Rodney. President Linda has promised us to be a year full of fun and continue our good track record in services and focus will be on a major community project. President Linda has planned to start her retirement by serving as the Rotary President. Thanks Linda that it is a wise choice that we all would only live once and better taking on this high calling than just playing golf or simply counting beans. Thanks Linda and we will give you all the support and fulfill your dream be a wonderful year of your life.
The 2010-2011 Board of Directors President Lindat Rodney President Elect Secretary Lynne Geikie Treasurer Rena Dave Directors: Manjit Kang, Jaye Thomas, Don Stuart, Dean Wafford, Lynnette Robinson, Anne MacLachlan Sergeant At Arm: Cindy Enevoldson Past President Sam Simpson