Contact: Chris Wolfe
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803 Courtney Road
803 Courtney Road
Gibsons, BC  V0N 1V1

This is our "Getting our act together before 1st July" meeting.

It will not be a full Agenda - we will just concentrate on "who is doing what", and resources/training needed to do it.  See attached document for a list of the responsibilities for each position.  This is not an attempt to list every small detail, just my understanding of how the main responsibilities will be shared. Please let me know in advance by email or the "comments" box when registering, which responsibilities you would be happy to take on. Don't be shy!  Better to volunteer than to be "voluntold".

We may have time to agree a few priorities for the new year too.

Please register as soon as possible so that I can check whether all of us are available.