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This year’s Rotary Television Auction will take place on Saturday, November 18, 2017. As be-fore, Coast TV, under the direction of Steve Sleep and the student volunteers from Elphinstone Secondary School, will produce the show.  The auction will also be accessible online. 

Syrian Refugee Sponsorship

Greig Soohen introduced our speaker for tonight, Pastor Jaz Ghag, of Christian Life Assembly, Gibsons. Pastor Jaz spoke about the Syrian Refugee Project, and the 2 families that will be relocating to the Sunshine Coast. One family is comprised of a mother and father, and two young daughters. The second family is a mother and adult son.
The sponsorship of these families is not through the government Refugee Program, but through an arms-length organization called Citizen Immigration Canada (CIC). There are approximately 1,100 churches involved in the work of CIC, and they have a standing Private Sponsorship agreement through the CIC, and the federal government. If a church wants to privately sponsor a refugee family, they apply to CIC.
Fortunately, both families are known to one another, so they will not feel completely isolated, while assimilation into their new homes, takes place. Pastor Jaz explained that the federal government estimates that a family of 4 needs about $25,000.00 for support during the first year; a family of 2 would need $21,000.00.
To assist in raising the funds, many well-known artists on the Coast, have contributed art work, that will be auctioned off, by auctioneer ‘extraordinaire’, Ed Hill, at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery, this coming Saturday.
All/any monies raised for the Syrian Refugee program, are designated as such, and will be used only for this project.

New Member Brian Fertuck

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed our latest member to Gibsons Rotary. Brian Fertuck was officially inducted by Sam Simpson, and Linda Rodney.

Guest Speaker Susan Stanfield

Fran Miller introduced Susan Stanfield, this night’s guest speaker. Susan has spent a lot of time living in South Africa, but after visiting the Coast again, in the summer of 2015, she decided she wanted to return to the Coast, and bring her family with her.
Sue said that living off the Coast for such a long time, gave her “new eyes” with which to see the Coast. She was impressed with locally-based businesses and how everyone supports local entrepreneurs.
In Sue’s early years, her first introduction to Rotary, was when she had an opportunity to attend a Rotary Camp in Ontario; the focus of the camp was ‘entrepreneurship’. However, after graduating from school, Sue’s interest was to expand her knowledge and grow. So, she travelled extensively, eventually going to live in Africa. There she settled down, married and started raising a family. While in Nairobi, Sue taught “entrepreneurship”, and became involved, once again, with Rotary Clubs. Now, back on the Coast, she is very interested in joining the Gibsons Rotary Club.
Sue and her husband Rob, decided to open their own business in Gibsons. It will open in Sunnycrest Mall, with a projected opening date in April. Their new business will be called GOJIGO, and will provide home-style take-out food, for those on-the-go. The food will all be made at the location, with a focus on locally grown produce, and nutrition.

Induction Ceremony

The induction of our most recent Rotarian, Chris Wolfe, with Sam Simpson his sponsor, and Chris Reid conducting the induction.

Donation of $600 from Whistler Interact

Greig Soohen had the pleasure of introducing Sasha Stypeek, and Thy Hunter Spice, to our Club Members.  The young ladies are Elphinstone Interact Students.  They provided an overview of the Interact District Meeting that had been held in Burnaby.
To close out their presentation, Sasha and Thy were very happy to make a formal presentation of a cheque from the Whistler Interact Club, in the amount of $600.00, for the purchase of 3 Hippo-Rollers.

Jim Pringle Shares His Experience

As a young high school student, Jim Pringle discovered how rewarding it was to volunteer your time. Volunteering is something he continues to enjoy, to this day.
While in high school, he heard about the Rotary Exchange Student Program, and since he also wanted to travel, he decided to look into it.  The interview process was quite formal and serious. During his interview, he mentioned that he wanted to experience something very different from what he already knew. With his acceptance into the Program, and a desire for something very different, he was assigned to a Rotary family in Turkey.
His new Rotary family was not located in a big city, but a fair distance into the country-side. It was not only a culture shock for Jim, but also for the community he was now living in. Of the 500,000 people living in his area, there were only 4 resident foreigners. And, he brought the first North American culture to that region.
The father of his Rotary family, was a lawyer, and the mother was a doctor. Jim kept in touch with them for a long time, something that has now become easier with social media.
One of the things Jim missed most in his new environment, was green space. There was no grass, or trees, only brown dirt/soil - everywhere.
Jim attended high school while in Turkey. It was difficult making friends, but finally found success when he joined sports groups. Eventually he learned to speak Turkish and would often surprise people in Turkey, who didn’t realize he understood their language.  Jim, as a North American, was a bit of an oddity in this region of Turkey. Everyone was very curious about him. He was experiencing what it was like to be a visible minority.
With the Rotary Club in Turkey, he was able to take trips throughout Turkey, and along the Mediterranean. His visits to archeological sites have remained with him, and he will always appreciate the experience that Rotary provided; Jim considers that his Rotary experiences, shaped his life.
In appreciation for his talk, Lynne Geikie thanked Jim, and presented him with a certificate showing that a Hippo-Roller had been donated in his name.

New Executive and Club Recognition

Sam Simpson and David Longman were recognized, in a special ceremony, as Paul Harris Fellows.  This is in recognition of their work on behalf of Rotary.
This was also the night that the new Gibsons Rotary Executive, and Directors were sworn in.  For 2015/16, the roster is as follows:  President, Lynnette Robinson; Treasurer, Linda Ryan; Secretary, Joan Barrington; Sargeant-at-Arms, Dean Walford; Past President, Linda Rodney; President Elect, Fran Miller; Senior Advisor, Terry McBride; and, Directors-at-Large, Jaye Thomas, Bill Longman, David Longman, Marilyn Magas, and Greig Soohen.


Rotary members were entertained by the very large and intricate model railroad set up in their Club house.  It’s not surprising that it has taken approximately 20 years of work, to get the display to this stage.  And, the minute detailing is very impressive, with tiny surprises – and chuckles – mixed in.  There is the fisherman being closely and quietly watched .... by a brown; and then there was that abandoned old car, in the woods.  Sinister?  Or just a derelict vehicle?  You decide!

2015 RCMP Youth Academy

Officer Ben Stewart of the RCMP, along with Jordan Haimes and Edmarson (Ed) Cabbigat, gave a very interesting presentation on what it was like attending the RCMP Youth Academy in Chilliwack, BC.  The young people who attend the Academy, enter as rough “recruits”, but after a strenuous 2-week program, they emerge as disciplined, confident young adults.   And it wasn’t just about learning how to march.  They were given an insight into what it takes to be an RCMP officer, with classes in Applied Police Services, the specialized policing units, and even an up-close-and-personal session with the K-9 Unit.  Both young men were glad to have had the opportunity to find out what it is really like to begin a career in policing
The Rotary Club of Gibsons presented its 20th annual Chinese New Year celebration, year of Water Dragon on Jan. 26 at Bayview Restaurant with wonderful Chinese food. 

Money has also been raised to support the Burns Lake Babine Sawmill fire victims. 

Have a blessed year.Image
On December 16 President Linday Rodeny inducted our newest members Geoff Ellingham ad Carmen Dixon to our Club. Past Presdient Blane Hagedorn presented both with the Rotary pins and Past President Don Stuart presented both the membership certificates. Director Dean Walford nominated Geoff Ellingham in joining Rotary.
Rotary Club of Sunshine Coast Rotarian Terry Umbach spoke on his passion and a success story in providing drinking water for a small village in Kenya. More than $100,000 has been raised and the water well was dedicated on Sept. 5, 2010. There are 26 Rotary Clubs worldwide in supporting this project plus Sunshine Coast residents. The St. Hilda Anglican Church also contributed $5000 for the GReen House project.
Cheryl and Darold Swanson of Gibsons are Presented a cheque for $3,000 by Geoff Ellingham, Rotarian and Linda Rodney, President of the Rotary Club of Gibsons. An additional prizes will be awarded throughout the year - watch for the winner's listing weekly in Coast Reporter. The Swansons in return donated back $300 to Rotary in supporting community projects.
In the last three years we have searched,plan and implemented a heart touching project to provide drinkable water to the needed people in Peru with Canadian innovatin/technology. Thanks to Rotarian Daniel Tardif and Director Manjit King in leading and complete the project.
Assistant District Governor Wayne Roy sworn in our new Pesident Linda Rodney. President Linda has promised us to be a year full of fun and continue our good track record in services and focus will be on a major community project. President Linda has planned to start her retirement by serving as the Rotary President. Thanks Linda that it is a wise choice that we all would only live once and better taking on this high calling than just playing golf or simply counting beans. Thanks Linda and we will give you all the support and fulfill your dream be a wonderful year of your life.
A beautiful day, sunny and warm had made the July 1 celebration very special with Rotarians cooking the best burger in Canada with special Chefs Bill Longman and John Kavanagh. Rotarian Carol had served as the July 1 Celebration Co-ordinator. She spent endless time in making all events ran smoothly. Now we have an established core prgorams and can built on its success. Carol, don't run away yet your expertise will be greatly needed next year.
Dec. 3 Thursday at Rotary regular meeting, Mike Kang presented an overview of the work Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is doing in Malawi to help improve access to clean water and sanitation. Mike is the son of our Rotarian Manjit Kang - Director of International Service
Les Falk gave an update of the eClub One Rotary Club. This club has 44 members which meet online. And offers a great way for a travelling Rotarian an opportunity for a make-up. They charge $10.00 per meeting and actually are based out of Colorado but have members from all over the world. See for their activities.
Rotary Club of Gibsons President Sam Simpson presented checks $2000 to Caroline Dixon for Roberts Creek Reading Room Expansion, $2000 to Carol Duff for Kidsport in supporting kids playing sport and $500 to Laura Ewert for Girls Softball. Rotary TV Nov 21 5 - 11 PM Coast TV Channel 11.
Eric Small was our founding President - Rotary Club of Gibsons. In here he shares the history. Rotary Club of Gibsosn is the first of the four Rotary Clubs on the Sunshine Coast. The juniors are Rotary Club of Sechelt (Teusday evening meeting, Rotary Club of Sunshine Coast also in Sechelt (Thursday lunch meeting)and Rotary Club of Pender Harbour.
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Last year, the Rotary Club of Gibsons delivered 30 Hippo Water Rollers to a village in Kguatswane, South Africa.
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