Rotary Recognizes
Students from all 13 DUSD Elementary Schools receiving their Rotary Recognizes Readers award                                               (Getty Images)
This Past Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Last week we had a special meeting with some very special guests. Each of the 13 elementary schools selected one student who has gone above and beyond in reading to receive an award from Rotary. This award recognizes the hard work each student has done to improve their reading skills and their dedication to being a superstar reader. 
If you didn't get to meet each student, here is a little bit about each one:
  1. Luis from Williams Elementary - Luis loves to read about historical events and world geography
  2. Harmoniee from Ward - Harmoniee loves to share her thoughts about characters with all her friends
  3. Isabella from Unsworth - Isabella had great visualization skills and is an internal optimist
  4. Carlos from Rio San Gabriel - Carlos is an independent deep thinker who enjoys reading all genres. He has read a total of 16 chapter books!
  5. Clarissa from Rio Hondo - loves both fiction and nonfiction, and jumped 5 reading levels just this year
  6. Saul from Price - In addition to reading, Saul loves boxing. He reads every single night
  7. Sophia from Old River - Sophia is a leader in her book clubs and is an inspiration to all her classmates with her digital projects
  8. Damian from Lewis - Damian has shown amazing growth this year due to his persitance and dedication to improving
  9. Jamie from Imperial - Jamie has shown tremendous growth. He started the school year reading below grade level and is now reading well above grade level
  10. Daniel from Gauldin - Daniel loves Harry Potter books and has read each one multiple times!
  11. Delilah from Gallatin - Delilah has grown 5 reading levels this year. She is always eager and ready to discuss in class
  12. Aaron from Carpenter - Aaron is dedicated to reading and is honored to be a junior librarian for Carpenter Elementary
  13. Roderik from Alameda - Since the start of the school year, Roderik has worked hard and jumped 2 grade levels in reading
Next Tuesday, April 12, 2022
Join us at our next meeting where Ray Brown will be updating the club of the foundation status. Lunch begins at 12. See you there!
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Del Rio Lanes
SnapShot: April 5, 2022
By Lorine Parks
Spotlight on Books For Kids
“Outstanding achievement.” “Hard-working and independent.” “Passion for reading.”  “Sterling character.”
This was how their principals described the boys and girls who were chosen as Rotary Readers.  Students at Downey Unified School District’s K-5 schools were honored for raising their reading levels phenomenally this year. “Perseverance” was a word we heard often, and “Amazing” was another. 
As part of its club mission to promote child literacy, Rotary Club of Downey awarded certificates “for improvements and achievement in the area of reading” to these youngsters.  The certificates were signed by Jesse Vargas, President of the club, and Dr. John Garcia Jr, Superintendent of the DUSD and also a Downey Rotarian.
Also on hand to mark the occasion were staff from the DUSD office and several Assistant Superintendents.  Dr. Wade Shannon has Elementary School Development under his special care. Dr. Roger Brossmer also attended.  He has just been named Outstanding Secondary School Administrator for the ENTIRE State of California, and Downey Rotary is proud to claim him too.
           Roger Brossmer and Wade Shannon
Our Downey club donates a book each week to the Library’s Children’s Room in honor of the day’s speaker.  Today I made sure that Drs. John Garcia, Wade Shannon and Roger Brossmer all signed the colorful book, this one about the deep friendship between a porcupine and a tree.  
What do you give someone who loves to read?  Books, of course.  Not only did the boys and girls join us for lunch, in addition to their certificates each received a Rotary gift bag filled with five children’s books, ordered by our Treasurer Barbara Lambert, who is recovering from knee surgery and could be with us only in spirit.
“This is always one of my favorite meetings,” said Barbara, when I got in touch with her. “I did not want the students to miss out on being recognized and did my best to get it done from home.” “Barbara looks wonderful,” said Patricia Megallon, who collected the books and helped fill the bags.  “Her house is right near my office, so I can check in with her often.”
The world of children’s books is a deep forest, as I have found by working with the Downey City Library’s Children’s Librarian, Claudia Dailey.  How did Barbara decide, I wondered.  “When ordering the books from Amazon,” said Barbara, “I would look for those that were "Teachers’’ Pick", "Editors Pick", or "National Book Award" winners. The age range for the readers was from 8 to 12 and the books were all gender neutral.” 
“Each student received 5 books,” said Barbara, “Two hardbacks, ‘InvestiGators’ and ‘PAX’ (#1 New York Times Bestseller); and three paperbacks: ‘The Mouse and the Motorcycle,’ ‘Crenshaw,’ and either ‘The Secret Lake.’ ‘Stone Fox.’  or ‘Imagine.’" 
The day belonged to the boys and girls.  In a presentation ceremony, each child was introduced individually at the microphone by her or his principal, who read a citation showing how much their reading level has gone up in this past year, and was given the book bag. 
School principal David gave me a thumbs-up and “Go Mustangs” when I told him my kids went to Rio San Gabriel too.  Carlos, the RSG winner in a blue checkered shirt, is known there for sharing the stories from the books as he reads them.
There were about an even number of boy and girl winners, Some of the female principals wore long dresses or skirts, with footware ranging from flats and high heels to gym sneakers.
Clarissa Pictured above, Principals Diana from Carpenter, and Karen Trejo from Ward
Principal Karen Trejo from Ward School sat at our table, with Har’moniee Law, a fifth grader.  Har’moniee loves to read at home too. Also sitting with us was Diana the principal at Carpenter.  Diana introduced Aaron. “We are so proud of him,” she said, and that was exactly what all the others had to say about their young charges.  It was an enthusiastic crowd, and they had much to be proud about. The smiling faces in the pictures tell it all.
Aaron from Carpenter
Pictured below, Principals Diana from Carpenter, and Karen Trejo from Ward
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