It was Rotary Club of Bellflower & Vision To Learn
Together Again Giving Kids a Chance to Succeed!
Friday Morning November 15th we met at Ramona Elementary
School (the 2nd highest on the Title 1 list) to pre-screen the 
grades not done earlier by the school nurse.
Amazing job by the Rotary Club of Bellflower!  Boy do you all know how to get down to
Thank you all that were able to help at Ramona - we had a great time and finished over
2 hours earlier than expected!  The school staff at Ramona kept the classes coming at
a good pace.  We also were able to screen the kids that were absent from the 
school/state mandated screenings!  What a huge help for the school nurse!
Screened:    389 Students
Passed:       297
Failed:          92
55 students currently have glasses (56 if you count the child that had 'fake' glasses).  
Some notes from the day: 
One student in 4th grade never had glasses and looked to be +2.25 in both eyes 
(a higher RX than my own). 
There was a kidder we screened that was +2.5 in one eye and +2.75 in the other! 
A second grader was -3 in both eyes and never had glasses! 
There were a number of kids that had glasses that had a VERY high RX and should
be seen by an eye doctor at least every year not to mention to have a back up pair of
I have passed the results on to Vision To Learn along with the contact name/number
for the School to get the school on the calendar.  The hope is that Vision To Learn will
be able to get the kids examined before the holiday break and get their glasses right
after the break! 
Rotary and Vision To Learn - together giving kids a chance to succeed! 
Nora MacLellan