More than 140 Bellflower Unified Students Received Free  Eye Exams Through The Rotary Club of Bellflower.


The Rotary Club of Bellflower saw the need for vision care in our low-income communities and began to address it.  With our Partners, Vision to Learn (a nonprofit organization providing vision services to children in low-income communities) and Caring Connections (a nonprofit dedicated to helping meet the needs of children and families in the BUSD), we selected the largest Title 1 school in the Bellflower Unified School District (Washington Elementary).  We jointly pre-screened the children.  Our Club then donated the money to bring VTL to Bellflower.
During the Week of March 30th, 2015, One of Vision to Learn's Mobil Labs and staff came to Washington.  They examined 146 children and prescribed to 103 kids!  That is over 100 children whose lives are going to be forever changed!
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