Our Back-To-School shopping event
  was held at Kmart Saturday. 



September 9th had a joint meeting with the Paramount Club Tuesday
Noon at Progress Park in Paramount.  Steven Kuykendall spoke to us
about Fisher House.  Fisher House provides housing for our "Wounded
Warriors" and their families while they receive treatment at VA Hospitals.
We had a great meeting with our friends of the Paramount Club.

Our Back-To-School shopping event was held at Kmart Saturday,
September 13th, at 7 AM.  Caring Connections and their Counselors
selected 60 children from "Title One" Schools in Bellflower for us to take
shopping.  We provided $100 for each child to shop for cloths and shoes
that were school appropriate.  With help from The Miss Bellflower Court,
some folks from the Bellflower Volunteer Center, a Lion or two, and some
Interact Kids from Valley Christian, the event was a huge success!!!
Thank You to all involved for one of the best years ever!


Bellflower Unified School District Superintendent - Dr. Brian Jacobs
spoke to us for the second time since returning to the district.  WOW!
When your looking for a place to educate your children, check out the
"New and Evolving B.U.S.D.!"  
Fifty-seven new district positions, eighty new elementary teachers, and
seventeen new high school teachers.  K-3 is 24-1 with no more combination
classes in grades 4-8.
Los Flores Elementary School has been brought back online as an 
Independent Study Academy for grades K-8.  It will key on helping 
families decide if they want to pursue home study paths for their 
Many other exciting changes are taking place as well.  

I trust that our Rotary Clubs as well as Kiwanis and Lions will be
supporting our Golf Tournament this Wednesday at the beautiful
Black Hills Golf Course.
Last minute golfers please call Jim Murrin at (562) 547-6305.