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Large Club of Excellence

At the 2016 Annual Rotary District 5280 Conference in San Diego, the Rotary Club of Redondo Beach was named the District's Large Club of Excellence.
February 2017
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The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach
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Redondo Beach

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
Bluewater Grill
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United States
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Anne Shea
Mar 01, 2017
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Redondo Beach Rotary Club News

(REDONDO BEACH, California February 22, 2017) Club President Alexis Sheehy noted that today was the 112th birthday commemorating the founding of Rotary in Chicago, Illinois. Happy birthday Rotary!

In other announcements PDG Vicki Radel reminded us of the Anti Sex Trafficking of Children Forum scheduled for March 4th at Loyola University.

President Sheehy reminded us that next week’s meeting will be downstairs at the Bluewater Grill in the Captain’s Quarter.

Guests today included luncheon speaker Tom Bakaly, CEO of the Beach Cities Health District, and his assistant Cristan Higa communications director, Mark Waronek – South Bay, County Supervisor Janice Hahn’s office, Jason Stone, and Athena Marano accompanying Rotarian Marcelo Goncalvez.

Visiting Rotarian – Connie Siegel of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

President Sheehy also presented biographical information about Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C-Sharp Minor. She played a YouTube version of the world-famous tune by Valentina Lisista.

(REDONDO BEACH, California) February 15, 2017 – When our luncheon speaker announced his topic the room, comprised mostly of middle-age and older businessmen and entrepreneurs, erupted in laughter.  His topic: Millennials in the Workplace. Well, every Rotarian present evidently had a story to tell, but we’ll get to those later.  First, announcements were brief:
Walter Campbell said ticket sales for Casino Night are going well.  “We still need auction items,” he said. He also said that Ted and Kim Wendorff donated $5,000 toward Casino Night.
Peter Lattey, a visiting Rotarians from the Downtown LA Rotary Club, announced a fund-raising “comedy evening” his club is sponsoring on March 5th at the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena.
Jim Stickler announced the next Garden clean up at Peary Middle School.  It is scheduled for February 25th starting at 8:00 a.m.  Address: 162nd & Brighton.
Wearing his black hat, Finemaster Terry Bichlmeier asked Sue Johnson and Walter Campbell to the podium.  He recognized Sue’s one year anniversary as a Rotarian. Congrats Sue, but that will be $10 in a Happy Buck fine. Meanwhile, Walter Campbell, our president-elect, was acknowledged for his three years in the club and and that cost him $30 in Happy Buck fine,
Club President Alexis Sheehy then introduced our luncheon music, Rossini’s The William Tell Overture.In case Rotarians have forgotten it was the theme music for the radio program Lone Ranger that many of us grew up with. Played by the Santa Monica High School Symphony Orchestra, the rendition was played  brilliantly though it was sonorously overwhelming. We needed a millennials to tune the sound down a bit but alas none were present.  Oh well.
Now onto our luncheon speaker, who, coincidently, talked about Millennials.
(REDONDO BEACH, California) February 8, 2017  Announcements:
Walter Campbell told us that while we are in good shape with ticket sales, we still badly need auction items! There are 15-20 on the website now, but we need more and we’re short on time. Please help if you can!
Colette Paul reminded us that table sponsors are still needed, as are cash sponsors. Non-Rotarian Business Person of the Year nominations are being circulated. Redondo Beach art student art work will be displayed at the next luncheon, and judges are needed.
Jim Stickler announced that the Peary Middle School Garden Clean Up was so successful that we are continuing the work on Saturday, February 25th. Please come and bring your gloves and tools!
Scott Young thanked all those who volunteered at the 10K last Saturday.
February 28th is the District Breakfast.
Polio update: There were no new cases reported in January.
March 4: Forum on stopping child exploitation at Loyola Marymount University.
May 4-7 is the District Conference in Lake Arrowhead.
Please contribute to the Table of Wines and Wall of Wines for Casino Night!
Our guests were Will Daines and Athena Marano.

Music accompanying lunch was Schubert’s Symphony #9.
(REDONDO BEACH, California) February 1, 2017 -- Colette Paul told us that Melanie St. John and others have so far raised $33,000 by jumping out of airplanes to help support the fight against polio. Please donate.

Walter Campbell announced that we’ve sold 237 Casino Night tickets, and that 17 or 18 of our club’s Rotarians have not yet bought any. Today is the last day before ticket prices go up! So far we have 11-13 large auction items, and we’d like to collect two more. We also need about 30 smaller items in the value of about $300-$500. Cash donations are also needed!

PDG Vicki Radel thanked the 10 Rotarians who helped with the Peary Middle School garden clean up last weekend. We are considering working in the garden on a monthly basis.

Congratulations to Renee Cappozzola, Damian’s wife. She is part of a three-person team representing the US who took first place in the International Underwater Photo Grand Pix, which concluded Saturday in Dusseldorf, Germany. Renee also won second place in the sub-category of Sharks.

Scott Young announced that the Beer Pour needs volunteers to arrive Sunday between 7:30 and 8:00 just south of Ruby’s. Bring waterproof gloves!

Vera Jimenez and George Schane are helping the downtown homeless with clothing and toiletries this Saturday. Please donate what you can. 

Our guests were Manuel Arias, Athena Marano, luncheon speaker Ann Garten (a former member of our club) and her assistant Heather Parnock.

Music accompanying lunch was Schubert’s The Trout Quintet, played by Daniel Barenboim, Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zukerman, Jacqueline du Pre and Zubin Mehta.

(REDONDO BEACH, California) January 25, 2017 -- Terry Bichlmeier called Ron Day to the podium to celebrate Ron’s anniversary with the Rotary Club. Ron joined in 1960. Pearl Davis was absent today, but it is also her anniversary; she joined in 1989.

Walter Campbell announced that 200 Casino Night tickets have been sold. The price will go up on January 31st. In addition, Walter let us know that we are at half the $25,000 in contributions that we raised in cash donations last year.

Bill Gard passed around the sign-up sheet for the February 28th District Breakfast. Scott Young passed around the sign-up sheet for the “Beer Pour” on February 5th on Super Bowl Sunday.

Eli Gauna recognized Jim Stickler for donating $2,000 to the Rotary Foundation and presented him with a sapphire pin.

The garden cleanup at Peary Middle School is this Saturday.

Our February 8th luncheon will be held at the Salvation Army because they will be tenting the Bluewater Grill. Parking is limited; there is a city lot across the street.

We store Rotary items at the Paul's business. A window failed during the rainstorm. Today after lunch, see Bill Gard to help look through our things to see what can be saved.

Our guests were Trudi Steele and Connie Siegel, our speaker and visiting Rotarian.

Music accompanying lunch was The Barber of Seville Overture by Rossini.


Jim Sheehy introduced our speaker: Conrad (Connie) Siegel who spoke on the rather remarkable cohesion of directors of his firm, Conrad Siegel Actuaries. Click "Read More" for the rest of the story.

(REDONDO BEACH, California) January 18, 2017 -- The highlight of today's luncheon was the our meals were delayed, almost permanently due to a breakdown of the Bluewater Grill's elevator. To their everlasting credit though, the chefs of Bluewater barely missed a beat and rustled up another meal of halibut and rice and a great salad.  Thanks folks.
Announcements, well we had several. Incoming president Walter Campbell urged members to buy their Casino Night tickets.  He noted this year purchasing can be done online, but added, "January 31st is the deadline.  Tickets go up in price and there won't be any turning back.  No exceptions this year."
Colette Paul followed up by circulating a flyer giving members a chance to sign up for either a cash sponsorship or table sponsorship. At least $2,900 was pledged, with a total for these two activities of just over $13,000.
President Sheehy acknowledged the anniversary of Rotarian Allen Peters.  "Jeanne and I spent a wonderful weekend near Ojai celebrating our 35th anniversary," he said.
Alexis also announced a change of venue for next week.  She said the club will meet downstairs at the Bluewater Grill next week because of the malfunctioning elevator.

She also noted that Pearl Davis is resting at the Acute Care facility on Lomita Blvd. and encourage members to visit Pearl.

Guests included Rotarians Jim Beardsley and Richard Henseler of South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club, Connie Siegel of Harrisburg Rotary Club and former Redondo Beach Rotarian Suzanne Lucas.  Also, Athena Marano of the Salvation Army accompanied Capt. Marcello Goncalves.
Our scheduled luncheon speaker missed his appointment.  In his stead new member D.P. Agrawal--on few minutes' notice--stepped up to the plate and gave his craft talk. Of course it helps that he is a former two-time president of the Rotary Club of North Attleboro in Massachusetts.
Please buy your Casino Royale Tickets.
 You recently received an email, if you click on the "Register Now" link you will be taken to the website and your personal account will be displayed.  Just order your tickets!  It's as simple as that.
If you want to search for the email, search for
Please use the email, it will make the experience much easier!!
The email looks like this:

(REDONDO BEACH, California -- January 11, 2017) At todays luncheon, Vicki Radel led the meeting in President Alexis Sheehy’s absence.


Walter Campbell announced that for Casino Night, he needs paperwork for auction items so that the information can go on the website. Team captains, please assist your team members with this!

Casino Night ticket prices will go up on January 31st. Remember that 10 hotel rooms have been set aside at $109 each. There are still 3 or 4 remaining. Please see Walter if you need a room.

Terry Bichlmeier put on his Fine Master hat and fined Bill Gard $10 for forgetting his Greeter duties today. Terry then called upon Walter and donated a double magnum of wine and $1000 to Casino Night. Terry challenged business owners in our club to donate $1000 or more each. Walter then contributed a check for $1000. Jim Chen donated $5000, and Chuck Anderson brought in $2100.

Jim Stickler reminded us of an opportunity to get down and dirty at Peary Middle School on January 28th with their garden clean-up. Please sign up if you are available.

Vicki presented Nasrin Moghadasian with her Past President badge.

Gayle Albin-Bailey’s husband Doug was on a ladder in their garage storing Rotary boxes when he took a very bad fall. He is resting at home and our thoughts are with him!

Vicki welcomed our guests: Jim Stickler’s brother-in-law Larry Levin, Athena Marano, and visiting Rotarians Andrew Martin, Jean Martin, and Carl Maravilla.

Jim Sheehy played some music for us: Elvis accompanied our meal.

Jim Sheehy then introduced our speaker, Steve Goldsmith.

Wine, at the Casino Nights is one of our most productive fund raisers. This year we are out to increase its contribution. 
Redondo Beach Rotary Wall of Wine
Each year the club puts together collections of fine wines, each bottle signed by its donor, and auctions it as the Redondo Beach Rotary Wall of Wine.
Last year the 28 bottles, all signed and donated by friends of Rotary, along with the special Isosceles 3 consecutive year paring that came out of the donations netted $1,016 for the club.  The minimum donation is an $18 dollar bottle, the average value was $40 and a top value of $105.
The rules are simple, bring in a bottle or two of your favorite wines - minimum value $18. Write something on the bottle and sign it, glass pens available when you bring the wine to a Luncheon meeting.   We put the wines all together in what we call a “Wall of Wine” and auction it to the highest bidder.  It’s a very popular auction item.
Wine prices are based on the Winery’s posted price or the average price listed on the internet.
Table of Wine
New this year is The Table of Wine.  This is a place to auction off individual or small matchings of spectacular wines. Last year we had three Justin Isosceles Reserves from three consecutive years. These highly rated Paso Robles blends were donated by different members.  Together the same package was listed on the Justin web site for $305.  It was a great item.
This year we are dedicating a whole table to individual or small matchings of spectacular wines.  Terry Bichlmeier is kicking off this year with a massive bottle of Rombauer Vineyards Chardonnay – a $300 retail value.
Bring your donations for either the Wall or the Table of Wine to any Wednesday club meetings.  Write your personal comment on the wine bottle, sign it and leave it for the wine team.
Feel free to contact your favorite wine merchants or winery or winery to ask for a donation.  Their wines showing up in charity auctions, is some of the best publicity a merchant or winery can get.
Here’s to a spectacular year as we bring Casino Night back into the city limits of Redondo Beach. 
Contact Jeff Weigel or Anne Shea to donate.
(REDONDO BEACH, California January 4, 2017)
Vicki Radel led the meeting in Alexis Sheehy’s absence. 
Vicki began the meeting by reading a letter from the Salvation Army, thanking our Rotary Club for its generosity during the holiday season.
Jim Stickler led the club in singing Happy Birthday to Vicki.
George Schane announced that more volunteers are needed to deliver Meals on Wheels, and circulated a sign-up sheet.
This Saturday we will be going downtown to help the homeless. George Schane will be driving and he has room for passengers—please contact him if you need a ride. Donations of clothing and small toiletry items are appreciated.
Jim Stickler announced that on Saturday January 28th, there will be a garden clean-up at Perry Middle School in Gardena. Gardeners and their implements are needed!
Jim Chen told us that Ernie O’Dell received a new heart and is doing well. He has been returning calls to his cell phone, so good wishes are welcome.
Pearl Davis is still at Little Company of Mary and would like to have visitors. Although her memory is weak at times, she loves to reminisce.
Jim Stickler announced our guest speaker, Julie Coll, founder and CEO/Executive Director of Waterfront Education (previously King Harbor Boating Foundation).
Julie’s vision of gender equality regardless of socioeconomic background is the cornerstone for Waterfront Education’s community mission. By utilizing nature’s local waters to create hands-on STEM and STEAM learning experiences, Julie hopes to share her passion for the ocean and instill an understanding of the urgent need for its stewardship and conservation.
Julie Coll and Mark Hanson founded Waterfront Education in 2012 with a passion for educating on the water. Julie noted that people, particularly children, get out on the water and start to develop confidence while they come to appreciate and embrace nature.
Our harbor is unique. Being small and not commercial, it is great for beginners on the water. The ocean access is very near, and cool things happen in our harbor. For example, we have a thriving sand dollar colony!
Julie shared a slideshow of students enjoying waterfront education. She told us that her organization seeks to design programs that enthuse and inspire with STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Math) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Math) programs based on hands-on learning.
Waterfront Education has a hub at SEA Lab, from which they run programs with the help of businesses in the community who want to help get people into the water while learning as well as having fun. STEM Sailing with South Bay Sailing is one of their business community collaborations.
Waterfront Education is committed to recreation and education; for example, sailing while learning. STEM classes that they teach are relevant to their local students. For examples, plate tectonics provide a topic of interest for Southern California residents.
The core values of Waterfront Education include safety, respect, stewardship, equality, fun, innovation, collaboration, community, leadership, and discovery.
Julie shared details of a few classes that they teach, including Lobster Hunt, Tinker Time, Explore & Discover, and WE can SEA Filmmaking. They also teach a large class with SEA Lab called Discovery at Sea.
Students are currently mostly home schooled from kindergarten to the eighth grade. Seventy-five percent are male and 25% are female. Most are local, but some travel over an hour to get to classes!
Waterfront Education is funded by fees for services, corporate sponsors, grants, family foundations, and individual donors.
Future plans include developing a scholarship program to extend beyond a one-mile reach, launch an adult program, create a STEM event/competition, and equip the marine innovation lab.
Final Notes:
Karen Weigel won the raffle, but not the red marble.
The Flag Salute was led by George Schane. Our greeter was Rolando Andrade. Vicki Radel’s inspiration was inspired by the concept of Gratitude. Bob Hockberger and Jim Stickler delivered Meals on Wheels. Guests were Athena Marano, Ivy Wheeler, and Connie Siegel.
Thank you letters from the Salvation Army and Cheer for Children for the help we provided during the Holidays.
(REDONDO BEACH, California December 14, 2016) -- The Rotary Club of Redond Beach has one of the most active International Committees in District 5280.  Committee Chair Jeff Weigel led a discussion today about the wide variety of committee projects.  We'll get to that discussion in a moment.  First though ...
The December 14th meeting was held in the Captain's Cabin. We will be dark on December 21st and December 28th.
Ernie O’Dell is still waiting for a heart transplant. He cannot currently have visitors.
Pearl Davis is at Little Company of Mary and would like to have visitors.
Walter Campbell read the Honor Roll of Casino Night ticket buyers. Other members are encouraged to buy tickets online through their emails.
Walter, who will be next year's club president, stood in today for President Alex Sheehy who is on vacation in Paris.  Walter  told us of three logical reasons to contribute to charitable causes via the Rotary Club.  First, the Martyrdom Mistake is the misconception that a doctor who works directly for a cause on the front lines necessarily contributes more than one who contributes money. Second, the Other Nothing states that if charities need money and a person does not help them financially, the charity still needs the money; and third, the Unexpected Joy of Giving states that giving makes you feel good.
Casino Night: At the Crowne Plaza there will be ten rooms available for $109 each for Casino Night participants to take advantage of. Let Walter know if you are interested. Remember that parking on Casino Night will be free.

(REDONDO BEACH, California November 16, 2016)  PDG Vicki Radel passed on the Club flag that she received from the Inglewood Rotary Club and reminded us to bring in donations of children’s coats for the Domestic Violence Abuse Center. Bring donations a week from Wednesday to her or to George Schane.

PDG Eli Gauna presented the Paul Harris +8 to Colette Paul; she and Bill Paul have together donated $18,000 to the Rotary Foundation. Alexis was recognized for her donation of $5,000 and Jim Sheehy for his donation of $5,000.

Alexis Sheehy presented our servers Norma and Maggie with a holiday gift in appreciation of their service to the club.

Marcelo Goncalves thanked those who participated in the Salvation Army dinner.

Finemaster Terry Bichlmeier called up Colette and Bill Paul who announced their donation to the Community Foundation in the amount of $1000 for the El Camino College Vocational Program.

Bill Gard reminded us of the Holiday Party December 3 from 5-9 PM at Bill and Colette Paul’s home.

There will be a Thanksgiving potluck cocktail party and dinner at the Weigels’ home for those of us who are in town.

Nasrin Mogadashian presented the Paul Harris award to Pearl Davis (seated left) in honor of her 90th birthday.

Guests were Athena Marano and Wes Gard.

The Flag Salute was led by D.P. Agarwal. The Inspiration on calm and patience was given by Walter Campbell. Our greeter was Colette Paul. Meals on Wheels were delivered by Jim Stickler and Nancy Langdon.

Music accompanying lunch was the Violin Sonata #9 by Ludwig von Beethoven, played by Pinchas Zukerman.


(REDONDO BEACH, California, November 9, 2016) We had lots of annou ncements this week, and a speaker whom we asked to return for a second time.  First, a note about the annoucements.
Terry Bichlmeier told us that our Club has received its first distribution from the Amazon Smile Foundation in a check for $5.55. Keep shopping, everyone!
Several of our members were honored for their anniversaries with the Rotary Club: Marna Smeltzer (19 years), John Russell (2), Colette Paul (19), Alexis Sheehy (10), Andrea Mosmann (1), and Steve Aspel (22 years).
Vicki Radel thanked us for donations of toys and coats for the Domestic Violence Abuse Center. Bring additional donations next Wednesday to her or to George Schane.
Bill Gard reminded us of the Holiday Party December 3 at the Paul residence, from 5-9 PM, and recommended Uber because parking is limited.
Club members point to new club logo that will appear on our new speaker's podium.
Walter Campbell informed us that Casino Night tickets are on sale and that there is a meeting tonight at Jim Stickler’s house.

Amy Zimmerman asked for help finding someone to look after our exchange student Shogo during the Christmas vacation and Presidents’ Day holidays.
PDG Eli Gauna presented Paul Harris +7 to Bill Paul. President Alexis Sheehy did the honors of pinning Bill.
Guests were Joao Cowperthwaite, Athena Marano, Tanyss Munro and Rotarian Peter Lattey.
The Flag Salute was led by Terry Bichlmeier. The Inspiration on America and Democracy was given by Alexis Sheehy. Our greeter was Bill Gard. Meals on Wheels were delivered by George Schane and Bob Hockberger.
Music accompanying lunch was the Eroica Symphony in E Flat major by Ludwig von Beethoven.
Click on one of the links below to access  The web site  will guide you through the process.
Lots of announcements at today's luncheon.

Steve Scerra announced that the election of club officers and directors will occur in December. Nominations are being accepted, and officers and directors were announced. Foundation board secretary and president positions are vacant; Terry Bichlmeier and Vicki Radel will be on the ballot.
Alexis Sheehy announced that we will be voting on new by-laws. They were emailed to us all last week. There will also be a new constitution.
Alexis also reminded us to sign up for Amazon Smile to support Rotary this holiday season.
Bill Gard announced the need for Salvation Army Holiday Party volunteers.
The Redondo Beach Rotary Club supports Cheer for Children! Their Christmas party will be at Washington School on December 16t
The Redondo Beach Rotary Club supports Cheer for Children! Their Christmas party will be at Washington School on December 16th.
Chuck Anderson told us about an opening for a Rotarian to help with “Reading By 9” at Washington School.
Marcello Goncalves invited us to the Salvation Army Red Kettle Kick-off Fundraiser Banquet at 6 PM on November 10th.
Walter Campbell told us that tonight’s Casino Night meeting has been canceled in favor of the seventh game of the World Series..
Vera Jimenez reminded us of this Saturday’s Downtown LA homeless outreach.
James Jackman told us that we are still looking for a family for Shogo, our exchange student, from February 24th to June 17th. Additionally, two of our Club’s kids would like to go on an exchange. However, this means that kids would also come here; therefore, we need to find some host families. They needn’t be Rotarians.
Vicki Radel and George Schane are collecting new coats and unwrapped toys for the Domestic Violence Center throughout November.
Guests were Donna Dawick of Cheer for Children and Athena Marano of the Salvation Army.
The Flag Salute was led by George Schane. The Inspiration was given by Vicki Radel. Our greeter for the day was Jim Stickler.
Luncheon was accompanied by Eroica Symphony in E Flat major by Ludwig von Beethoven.
Jim Sheehy announced today’s speaker, Dr. Atlas Helaire, III, Executive Director of SoCal ROC, or as it is better known, SCROC, in Torrance.
(REDONDO BEACH, California) October 19, 2016  -- Have you planned for a steady income during retirement? That was the subject of today's speaker, Mark Basile of SearchLight Financial Advisors.
The key question you have to answer for yourself is whether your retirement portfolio ensure a livable stream of income for the remainder of your life, he said. Basile noted the average monthly income from Social Security nationwide is $1450.00 per month, and the maximum at full retirement is $2600.00 per month. "Unfortunately people can't rely on Social Security," he said.
When asked by Basile, Rotarians suggested numerous investment options including annuities, inheritance, real estate, index funds, mutual funds, CD's, money market accounts and more. "The average rate of return for all of these is about 1% (one percent)" he said.
He encouraged Rotarians to talk with their "financial advisor to deconstruct your existing plan."
SearchLight's "Smart Money Fundamental Program" can be heard Sunday mornings on AM 870 and KFI AM640.
Anne Shea was inducted into the club today. She appears third fro left in the photo to the right.  See the article immediately below titled New Member to learn more about Anne.
Guests included former club member Pat Haynes who now belongs to a Rotary Club near San Diego.
Birthdays:  Alexis Sheehy, Oct. 23, and Colette Paul, Oct. 27.
In other business, Walter Campbell brought us up-to-date on plans for the upcoming Casino Night. "we've developed a system to allow you to buy tickets in advance. It will be based on your credit card and you will receive a bidding number.  This system will eliminate the long line at check out."
 Dave Whitehead explained details about  the new website.  The site can be accessed from the home page of the club's website (see column to your left).  He showed the opening screen, ticket information and credit card application screens. "In the next couple of weeks we'll have a kiosk here during club luncheon to help you through the application process, especially for members who are not fully computer literate.," he said.

(REDONDO BEACH, California) October 12, 2016 -- Today's luncheon speaker, Fred Bruning, spoke about the pending Redondo Beach Waterfront project.  Bruning is the CEO of CenterCal Properties, a company that is proposing a 36-acre revitalization of the Redondo Beach waterfront stretching from the Redondo Beach Pier on the south  all the way north to the Seaside Lagoon.

"We want to develop this project like a community living room," he said.  Bruning said the project will include 20 foot-wide boardwalks (with speed limits posted), an upscale 700-seat movie theater, a pedestrian drawbridge, a public market, and street retail and dining. It will also allow for swimming, kayaking, biking, paddle boarding, reading, people-watching, and building a sandcastle on a sandy beach with an artificial reef. 
"We'll reduce the currently available 500,000 square feet of parking space in the area down to 173,000 square feet," he said. The company says the project will create over 2,500 jobs, pump more than $3 million annual tax revenues to the City of Redondo Beach, and result in $70 million in development.
Burning noted that pilings under the pier were started nearly a century-and-a-half  ago.  "They are  starting to rot  away," he said. Bruning  said more than 200 public hearings  have been held in the development of the plan. "One of the challenges we face is an anticipated rise of sea level of five-and-one-half feet expected in the coming 50 years," he said.
The Waterfront plan is an outgrowth of Measure G approved by Redondo Beach voters by a 52.5% margin in 2010. Planning for the project has been underway since 2012.
CenterCal says the The plan goes before the critical Redondo Beach City Council vote Tuesday evening.  After that, if it is approved, it will go before the California Coastal Commission.  Bruning said he expects the project will be completed in the early 2020s.
(REDONDO BEACH, California) September 28, 2016—At today’s luncheon, we heard from Redondo Beach Chief of Police Keith Kauffman.
Vicki Radel announced that the Redondo Beach Rotary Club has received a certificate of recognition from the Mayor of Los Angeles for our outreach to the downtown homeless, PCI, and Mama Hill’s Help.
Vicki invited all members who have participated in the program to come to the podium for a group photo.
Terry Bichlmeier told us that the Amazon Smile Foundation would support our community service efforts if individuals would please register under the “Redondo Beach Rotary Club Community Foundation” when shopping at
Andrea Mosmann (above left) and Vera Jimenez exchanged their red badges for permanent badges.
Amy Zimmerman asked if anyone was able to host our exchange student, Shogo Oseogawa, October 10-11 and/or February 25 to the end of May.

Scott Young asked if anyone was able to store the boat currently in his garage. Amy Zimmerman and Nora Giralt volunteered.
Camp Pendleton donations, cash or gift cards, can be brought to the October 11th District Breakfast, or Alexis can take them for you if you give them to her.
Eli Gauna reminded us that the Rotary Foundation requested that the club donate $2650 in honor of the centennial. We have greatly exceeded that amount. In fact, Jim Chen donated $2650 himself! Also, be sure to turn in the raffle tickets that you sold in support of the October 22 Foundation Celebration aboard the Battleship USS Iowa.
Amy Zimmerman and George Schane will take donations of clothes and toiletries to the downtown homeless. See them to donate or to learn about carpooling to the next event.
Guests were Athena Marano, and Tom Tryon.
The Flag Salute was led by Rick Wendorff. The Inspiration inspired by Autumn was given by Vera Jimenez. Our greeters for the day were Faisal Hashmi and Robert Baker. Meals on Wheels were delivered by George Schane and Jim Stickler.
  International committee members Vera Jimenez and Terry Bichlmeier went to Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday to meet with prior RBRC member Nicholas Sandoval of Create Purpose and discuss our club’s participation in an RI global grant for The Abandoned Youth Agricultural Learning Project in BCS, Mexico (Nicholas has dedicated his life to serving the abandoned youth of Baja and moved to Tijuana in March of 2015).
After a slight detour, past member Nicholas met us in Tijuana and lead us to Hogar de Esperanza (home of hope) that cares for about 54 of Tijuana’s abandoned children. Create Purpose operates a garden and child development program at the home every Friday and Saturday.
The holistic program strives to break the cycle of poverty in Baja Mexico through hands on education.
The urban garden project at the orphanage site including composting, soil preparation; planting, tending, and harvesting. We saw corn, kale, squash, Sunflowers, spinach. 
We met their team of professionals  including educator-nutritionist, Marlena; psychologist, Lisa; agriculturist, Samuel and other mentors. We also discussed future plans for an aquaponics and grey water project to further enrich the garden.  
Finally we met with a very impressive 23 year old Rotaract, President Amable.  She and Nicholas have secured the backing of the original Tijuana Rotary club and District 4100 as the local partner club for a global grant.
For all of you who buy from, here is a simple way to contribute to the Redondo Beach Community Foundation.  
When you use Amazon, just follow this link:
When you arrive, you'll be asked to register, Redondo Beach Rotary Community Foundation should be setup for you.
This will apply .5% of every purchase you make to the foundation.
Have a great time buying and giving to a great cause.
(REDONDO BEACH, California September 14, 2016—At today’s luncheon, we heard from Dr. Steven Keller, Superintendent of the Redondo Beach Unified School District. 
Dr. Steven Keller has spent thirty years in public education, beginning as a middle and high school history and language arts teacher, a middle school assistant principal and principal, a Director of Student Achievement, and an Assistant Superintendent, before becoming the Superintendent of Schools in the Redondo Beach Unified School District, the finest school district in the South Bay!
Remember that “Portofino Gives Back” every Tuesday at Baleen Kitchen. Drink purchases directly support Rotary!
Camp Pendleton donations, cash or gift cards, can be brought to the October 11th District Breakfast.
Club President Alexis Sheehy reminded members to "please turn in the raffle tickets that you sold in support of the October 22 Foundation Celebration aboard the Battleship USS Iowa."
James Jackman announced that our Club is responsible for Shogo Oseogawa, an exchange student from Japan. We need to find a home for him from approximately Thanksgiving 2016 to March 2017.
Chuck Anderson promoted the “Reading by 9” program.
Pearl Davis is comfortable at home and would likely appreciate a phone call or two from fellow Rotarians.
Jeremy Godokiss announced an ocean conservation event this Sunday at Seaside Lagoon; there will be paddleboard races, paddleboard yoga, and games especially for the kids.
Dean Reuter told us about the USC/UCLA event on November 16th at the Torrance Marriott. Tickets are $60 each.
Guests were Athena Marano and Betsy Ryan, and visiting Rotarians were Bob Peterson and Dean Reuter.
Music accompanying lunch was “Quintet for Guitar and Strings in D” by Luigi Boccherini.
The Flag Salute was led by Bill Gard. The Inspiration was given by Jim Sheehy. Our greeter for the day was Bill Gard. Meals on Wheels were delivered by George Schane and Vera Jimenez.
(REDONDO BEACH, California - September 7, 2016)   Redondo Beach Mayor Steve Aspel was our feature speaker today.  Gazing out the window of our second floor meeting room above King Harbor, he discussed plans for harbor development.

Among our visitors and guests today were Anne Shay, a special guest of Alexis Sheehy, Warren Bobrow of the Westchester Rotary Club and District 5280 Youth Exchange Officer, Abel Sanchez, a guest of Nora Girault,  and Shogo Osoegawa of Japan.
Walter Campbell and Rick Wendorff handled Meals-on-Wheels  today.
Jeff Weigel was on recognized for his three year anniversary in Rotary, and Jean Scully was recognized for having been a Rotarian for 16 years.
As part of her effort to expose club members to music, President Alexis Sheehy told us about Georg Frederick Handel.  We heard Handel's Water Music Suite during lunch.
Mayor Aspel, a former president of our club, also spoke about economic development plans for Redondo Beach. "We have a $100 million enterprise and a $60 million budget," he said. "How do we raise money to pay for this? Well, we receive $100,000 investment income, Northrop-Grumman pumps $75 million into our economy in the form of salaries and taxes, the Galleria is our biggest employer and pays $500,000 annually in taxes, and of course our number one income producer is property taxes."
He said planning is underway at one stage or another for the Bristol Farms site, and separately, a 600 unit apartment complex. "We even have a plan to add a boat ramp to the Redondo Beach marina, which was originally designed for small craft only. Plus, the AES power plant is now up for sale and we are meeting with potential buyers," he said. 
The sea was not kind to our entry in the District Picnic but the boat was beautiful and the intrepid seamen Scott & Bryce Young, put forth a great effort.
Jim Chen, George Schane, Scott Young, Bryce Young, Rick Wendorf and Colette Paul built and decorated the Rotary Schooner!
Chuck Anderson was the Commodore (a very Jolly Commodore!)
(REDONDO BEACH, California) August 31, 2016—At today’s luncheon, we heard from Commodore Harry Jacobs, Director of Public Affairs, US Coastguard Auxiliary.
Thank you to George Schane, Scott and Brice Young, Rick Wendorff, Colette Paul, and Jim Chen for the boat for the district picnic. Also, thank you to Colette Paul or providing the ice cream. Our boat didn’t win the competition, but at least we didn’t sink!
Vera Jimenez announced that on the first Saturday of each month, we have a homeless outreach in downtown LA, giving toiletries and large men’s clothing to those in need. Those interested in donating or helping with distribution are encouraged to come to 5th and Towne at 7 AM on Saturday. Anyone interested in carpooling should contact Vera.
Faisal Hashmi’s brother passed away recently. We send him our condolences, and a card was passed around for signatures.
Portofino Gives Back, every Tuesday at Baleen Kitchen, will give a $1 donation to the Rotary Club for every drink purchased. On the fourth week of the month, the donation from the Portofino will be $2.
Guests were Lisa Leonard, Nikki Parsons, and Eunice Lopez.
Music accompanying lunch was “Zadok the Priest” by late baroque era composer George Frederick Handel.
The Flag Salute was led by Jim Sheehy. In his Inspiration, Bob Hockberger quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson. Our greeter for the day was Bill Gard. Meals on Wheels were delivered by Amy Zimmerman.
The City, County, State and Washington DC recognized Past President Nasrin Moghadasian for her year of service:
Thank you to our 2016 Casino Night Sponsors!

(REDONDO BEACH, California) August 24, 2016—At today’s luncheon, we had a number of announcements and a visit from Dr. Donnie Watson.
Rotarian Jim Sheehy introduced our luncheon guest, Dr. Donnie Watson, from the Thelma Mc Millen Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center at Torrance Memorial Hospital. Dr. Watson spoke of the current opioid crisis affecting young teens and adults over 50. Pharmaceutical representatives initially told the public that opioids had only a 1% addition rate; in fact, this figure is much higher. Because the drugs are often sold by prescription, kids may steal them from parents and grandparents, and from homes that they visit.
Dr. Watson spoke of the current opioid crisis affecting young teens and adults over 50. Pharmaceutical representatives initially told the public that opioids had only a 1% addition rate; in fact, this figure is much higher. Because the drugs are often sold by prescription, kids may steal them from parents and grandparents, and from homes that they visit.
The THC level in marijuana was 8% about 20 years ago; now it is about 21%, nearly 3 times the strength. Dr. Watson suggested that many people believe that using marijuana is “just part of being a teen,” but while marijuana may be legal for some adults, it is never legal for kids to use. He exhorted us not to let kids take chances with addiction.
Dr. Watson showed a DVD from the McMillen Center, in which patients spoke of their experiences in suffering from addiction. In addition, founder Karl McMillen spoke of his sons’ problems with addiction and his desire to give back, opening the center to help others. In addition to treatment programs, the McMillen Center offers support and education for family members.
Question: What are the long term effects of marijuana use?
Answer: Long term use may result in an 8% loss in IQ. In addition, marijuana is a central nervous system depressant. Emotional and cognitive development is stunted, and users may come to experience depression.
Question: What is the impact on communities where marijuana is legal?
Answer: The State of Colorado has seen many more emergency room visits.
(REDONDO BEACH, California) August 17, 2016—At today’s luncheon, we had a great many visitors, and our speaker was District Governor Greg O’Brien.
Fine Master Terry Bichlmeier announced a recognition fine of $10 for Faisal Hashmi, who fulfilled all requirements for receiving his permanent badge, and Eli Gauna’s Lexus keys were returned for a fine of $20.
A new member was inducted today! D.P. Agarwal comes to us from Massachusetts, where he had been a Rotarian for many years. He moved to the U.S. from India in 1967, has a Ph.D. in Materials Science, and enjoys reading, traveling, and hiking.
This morning, the Board announced that our club needed to raise $2650 for Polio Plus this year. Club President Alexis Sheehy took volunteers at luncheon today, who pledged $25-$500 each to reach the total needed.
Jim Stickler announced that we will be filling 120 backpacks with back-to-school supplies immediately after today’s club meeting.
Bill Gard reminded us that the Club picnic is to be on held August 27th from 5-9PM.
Nancy Langdon introduced Luke Pilapil, who is a high school student on his way to Italy. Luke attends the Orange County High School for the Arts. He will be traveling to Italy for 11 months, and today he shared pictures of his family and the village that is his destination. He thanked the Rotary for sponsoring him, and invited us to follow his blog on YouTube.
Alexis Sheehy introduced Terry Bichlmeier, to whom the District Governor awarded the ruby and sapphire “Paul Harris Plus 6” pin, as a token of thanks for his generous Rotary service.
Alexis also presented flowers to Carolyn O’Brien, for her support of the Rotary with her husband, the District Governor.
The Flag Salute was led by Terry Bichlmeier, and the Inspiration included a quote from David Copperfield by Charles Dickens and was presented by Walter Campbell. Chuck Anderson delivered Meals on Wheels this week. Our greeter was George Schane. Guests were the District Governor Greg O’Brien and his wife Carolyn O’Brien, Assistant Governor Karen Greenberg, Executive Aide Jerry Brown, Dexter McLeod, Dainlyn and Luke Pilapil, Myo Min Tun, D.P. Agarwal, Desiree Galessi, and Athena Marano.
After Wednesday's meeting District Governor Greg O'Brien led the Club members to the Backpack Production Line.  Pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, paper and more were stuffed into 120 backpacks in about 20 minutes of breathless activity.
The backpacks will be shared by Salvation Army and Redondo Beach Police Department Domestic Violence Initiative.
A huge thank you to Athena Morano, Bob Hockberger, George Schane and Jim Stickler for procuring and transporting the supplies and backpacks.
And of course none of this would have happened without the vigorous activity of all the Rotarians.
Click the link to see pictures of the Club at work........
(REDONDO BEACH, California) August 3, 2016 -We heard about Bach and the aerospace industry in southern California at today's luncheon.
Announcements: Club President Alexis Sheehy reminded us of an email she sent a few days ago.  There are 20 openings left for a waterfront tour of the Redondo Beach Marina on August 7th.  A reception will follow.
 PDG Chuck Anderson encourage members to sign up for the club's Reading-by-Nine program.  he also noted that only 4% of Americans donate blood, and encouraged club members to donate to the Outpatient Program at Torrance Memorial Hospital.  Call 310-517-4647 to make an appointment to donate.
Bill Paul announced the club has eleven members who are MOU trained, qualified and certified to participate in the District 5280 community and global grant program. they are: Alexis Sheehy, Nasrin Moghadasian, Andrea Mosmann, PDG Chuck Anderson, James Jackman, John Russell, Karen Weigel, Jeff Weigel, Nancy Langdon, PDG Vicki Radel and Bill Paul
Guests:  Athena Murano with Captain Marcelo Goncalves of the Salvation Army, Desiree Galassi, and luncheon speaker Al Muratsuchi
Seven Redondo Beach Rotarians traveled to downtown LA to help feed the homeless.  George Schane, Nasrin Moghadasian, Galina Gilman, Amy Zimmerman, Nora Giralt and Jim Stickler, Chuck Anderson helped hand out hot meals, distribute clothing and toiletries to the needy population.
Over 300 people were served
Arlington, TX 76013

Mr. Jim Sheehy
Redondo Beach Community Foundation
200 North Pacific Coast Highway Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Mr. Sheehy:

Please find enclosed a personal check for $5,000 to be used by Redondo Beach Community Foundation. My wife, xxxxx, and I were made aware of your organization by Maury Wills. It is extremely difficult to concisely put into words what the friendship of Maury and Carla Wills has meant to the entire xxxxx family, and the fact that he mentioned your organization is about as good of an endorsement as you can get. Maury is an incredible role model! I have seen first-hand the impact he has had on the lives of young and old alike. What Maury has done for the youth of the United States of America is worthy of a Presidential Freedom Medal.. . . . .true story.

Suffice to say, we consider Maury and Carla extremely close friends. Yet, we know we are only two of a thousand people that can make that claim.  So, xxxxx  and I ask the following regarding the attached check:

Xxxxx  and I remain anonymous
The attached gift be identified as "An appreciation for the generosity and kindness by Maury & Carla Wills."
Saturday morning Redondo Beach Rotary traveled to Downtown LA to help ease the lives of homeless people living on the street.
Redondo Beach Rotarians & Friends arrived before the PCI & Outreach We Care team arrived with set-up.
Prior to feeding the hungry we observed a Korean Church group giving haircuts to those in need.
The Rotarians in attendance were Andrea Mossman, Nancy Langdon, George Schane, Vera Jimenez, Walter Campbell and Vicki Radel.
Non-Rotarians were: Julia Cullinan and Jeannine Calderon.
They fed approximate 350 hungry people a hot nutritious meal plus handed out toiletries, oranges, and clothing.
(REDONDO BEACH, California - June 1, 2016) We started today's luncheon in our usual fashion with an inspirational message from the floor, the Pledge of Allegiance, hugs and handshakes, and exercise.  Yes, two minutes of exercise led by our president and leader, Dr. Nasrin Moghadasian.
The highlight of today's luncheon however were the two craft talks we heard. The first by a member who came to us from the other side of the world and the second by a member who took us on a journey to the far reaches of orbital space.
Now known for his skill at launching banks, Faisal (pronounced fes-sel) Hashimi started life in Karachi, Pakistan.  "It's half a world away," he said, showing an image of the globe with Karachi and Redondo Beach on opposite side of the planet. Faisal told us he attended Aitchison College and the University of Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan, and upon graduation accepted an internship with American Express. 
Originally planning to go into management, he segued instead into banking while with American Express.  Soon it was time for an MBA at the International University, then back to Pakistan where he rejoined American Express.  Before long Deutsche Bank recruited him as did Faysal Bank in Pakistan.  But the USA beckoned and soon Faisal immigrated to the U.S. Here, he joined Bank of America, moved onto One West Bank, and eventually Farmers and Merchants Bank, where, as vice president and branch manager, he opened a branch in Redondo Beach. That move brought him to The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach.

Married with two daughters, one in high school and one in college, in his spare time Faisal likes to play pool, engage in video games, remodel homes, and cook.