Jan 06, 2020
Ann Lesley Smith

Ann Lesley's career in music and media took a dramatic turn after an auto crash and near-death experiences led her to commit her life to focus on the deeper issues and answers to life and helping others. As a fashion model, she lived a fairy-tale jet-set lifestyle with the rich and famous -- leaving it all behind to serve as a police chaplain delivering a message of hope to officers, victims, prisoners. She is the founder and president of Angels All Over a foundation that supports those who have suffered setbacks providing counseling and airfare to send Los Angeles homeless back to their homes/family. Detailing the triumph of faith and perseverance, her life's story was featured on ABC TV news.


From humble beginnings, she defeated the odds.  Awarded with a scholarship, she graduated from college and started a successful private practice as a health care professional.  No stranger to the extremes in life, she married the socially prominent scion of one of America's historically famed families quickly learning all that glitter is not gold.

A cancer survivor, Ann Lesley has risen from the ashes and has emerged a winner. She is the creator of "Last Chance Ranch" a "remapping" program that helps wayward men to reach higher ground regardless of life's obstacles, instructing to use personal setbacks as launching pads.  A dynamic speaker, she captivates audiences with her candid, bold, inspiring style, making people feel she is speaking to them personally as she shares her highly unlikely "private collection" of her life. Ann Lesley combines her vast experiences with unheard-of soulful, common-sense truths in helping move people out of their ruts and into an awesome life.

Ann Lesley was married to the late country music legend and media mogul Univision founder Chester Smith.  She resides at her northern California ranch and commercial vineyard where she trains participants from rehab groups about viticulture to improve their job skills. Ann Lesley is the founder and CEO of EarthSuit Entertainment, a global talent management firm.