Cyber Crisis: Protecting Our Identities. Securing Our Economy. Preserving Our Freedoms
Jul 22, 2019
Stan Stahl
Cyber Crisis: Protecting Our Identities. Securing Our Economy. Preserving Our Freedoms

Dr. Stan Stahl - Cybersecurity pioneer. Thought leader. Community leader. Dr. Stan Stahl is co-founder and President of Citadel Information Group, an information security management services firm delivering information Peace of Mind ® to business and the nonprofit community.

Stan is also founder and President of SecureTheVillage, a nonprofit whose mission is a cybersecure Los Angeles. SecureTheVillage meets its mission through education and outreach programs designed to turn people and organizations into cyber guardians.

In this engaging story-filled non-technical talk, Dr. Stahl will describe the magnitude of our cybersecurity challenges and why IT can’t handle it alone. He’ll then provide basic steps for you to take to protect yourself, your family, your workplace, and America’s economic freedoms.

Cyber Crisis
Identity theft is at record levels. There is no privacy on the Internet. Our businesses, nonprofits, schools, and government institutions are under attack from cyber criminals. Our power grid is vulnerable. Social media is being manipulated by our enemies. Our way of life is at-risk in ways never before imagined. It’s time to do what Americans have done for more than 200 years

It’s time to act. It’s time to defend ourselves, our families, our places of work, our communities. It’s time to become cyber guardians.

This talk is about what you need to do to be a cyber guardian with the knowledge, skills, and commitment needed to meet the cyber crisis. As a mother or father, a son or daughter, a worker, a manager, a business owner, a citizen.

My objective is not to frighten you but to awaken you to the crisis we face, and provide you the basics of cyber defense.