The Life of a Restaurateur
Oct 21, 2019
Giacomino Drago
The Life of a Restaurateur

It’s hard to imagine Beverly Hills without Il Pastaio, the celebrated Italian restaurant in the city’s center. For 20 years now, Il Pastaio has served as an important gathering spot for locals as well as a place to be seen by celebrities. And for all of these years, one man has run the kitchen with an extraordinary eye for detail: Chef Giacomino Drago.


In Beverly Hills, with its fickle clientele, it’s never easy to keep patrons happy. That Giacomino has consistently pleased his demanding customers for two decades is a feat to be lauded. One look at the designer-label crowd waiting three-deep on the sidewalk for a table, and it’s clear that something special is happening in the kitchen. Daily fresh-made pastas, traditional risottos, salads with Italian staples like artichokes, lentils and aged Parmesean, and entrees, including whole Branzino prepared simply with lemon, butter and capers. These are just a few of the fresh flavors that emerge from Giacomino’s kitchen.


But Il Pastaio is just one of Giacomino’s nine exceptional restaurants, all of which are situated in Beverly Hills and other sought-after neighborhoods of Los Angeles. In the 25 years since Giacomino ventured to L.A from Galati Mamertino, a charming hilltop village in Sicily, he has worked tirelessly to bring the true flavors of his country to his discerning diners.