Speaker Date Topic
Christopher Hawthorne Oct 15, 2018
Chief Design Officer, City of Los Angeles
Chris Voss Oct 22, 2018
Businessman, author, and professor. Chris Voss is a former FBI hostge negotiator.
Greg Barton Oct 29, 2018
“Beverly Hills Fire Department: Who we are”
Dr. John Mulchaey Nov 05, 2018
"Eyes on the Universe: Southern California's Leardership in Astronomy Today"

Dr. John Mulchaey is the Director of Observatories at the Carnegie institue for Science in Pasadena. John oversees, among other things, the Giant Magellan Telescope under construction in Chile.

  • Intelligent life on other planets?
  • Looking back to the beginning of time.
  • How the universe is expanding at a rapid increasing rate.
  • How gold is created when two stars collide.


Dark Nov 19, 2018
Michael Hiltzik Nov 26, 2018