We are meeting digitally, to join our meetings READ MORE HERE

To attend our Zoom meetings:

We will be sending a link to all members 3 days before our meetings. Our meetings start at the regular time: Fridays at Noon.

If you would like to attend our meeting as a visiting Rotarian or a guest, please email our Executive Secretary Ross Hall  jrhallsy@shaw.ca, and a link will be sent to you.

If you would visit a Zoom Rotary Meeting from one of our 58 clubs in our district CLICK HERE


Read below for tips on digital meetings!

How to participate effectively in a virtual meeting:

As Rotarians one of the most valuable parts of our membership is fellowship and seeing one another on a regular basis.  As the Rotary Club of Chilliwack continues to redefine the role of a Rotary Club and in response to the COVID-19 outbreak we are moving our meetings to an online Zoom Format.  We hope as a club that we will soon be able to meet in person and that all of us remain healthy and safe.

Working in a virtual environment for several years.  We have learned a few things that help us to be more effective when we are connected virtually through any online media.  There are many nuances, however I would like to suggest the following FOUR guidelines for online meetings.  If any of you use online meetings regularly and would like to add some suggestions, please send me an email. 



1. Preparation- do an audio and video check.  :  Zoom (www.zoom.com) is the platform we will be using.  A link for our specific meeting with multiple options for connecting, will be sent out in an email to members and posted on our website.  Guests are welcome! 

Click the link if you are using a computer. There is a Zoom app for both iPhones and Androids that you can download, and it is very easy to use-especially if you do not have a camera on your computer.  If you use your computer or a tablet, there is either the zoom.com website or tablet app available as well. 

Practice or test the application before the meeting if you have not used the app or tool before.  Figure out where the buttons are to mute your microphone, turn on and off the video, close your self-image if you find it distracting, etc.  Note there are phone numbers for both the US and Canada.  If one number does not work, try another one for your country. (Zoom and all online meeting resources are being used heavily around the world right now, so it is possible that we will run into some slow or busy signals – keep trying)

2.  Use the video function during the meeting.  It is very hard to participate if you cannot see peoples faces, visual cues and some sense of body language.   Using just the audio is very difficult for both the user and those participating, it tends to make it easy for people to talk over one another and that causes frustration and takes up time.  If you do not have video capacity, please be mindful that you do not talk on top of others.  We can have a meeting with up to 50 participants!  Fill in your name when asked by the application so that others know who is speaking.

3.  Use headphones for audio; if you use your computer to dial in, use your headphones to listen and speak.  On your phone or tablet, same thing.  Frequently the microphone on the computer will pick up background noise and cause a feedback loop that is disruptive. (this is a tough one for me – I am always misplacing my headphones…)

4.  Practice Courtesy. Unless you are the facilitator or a presenter, BE BRIEF: keep comments/responses/questions to 2-3 sentences and pause between sentences to give folks a chance to interject a question, if needed.  Then let someone else have a turn.  As a facilitator it is important to allow everyone to have a chance to speak before allowing someone to have a second turn.  It seems elementary, but it can be a challenge when we are all in different electronic and physical environments.

See you online,