Directors & Committee Contacts

2017 - 2018 Board of Directors and Committees

         President: Todd Harvey         
Vice-President: Victor Froese
Past President: Carol Tichelman
Secretary: Aatif Nanji
Treasurer: Debbie Winter

Club Service: Shelley MacDonell Director
Fireside & Assembly: Barrie McMaster, Chair
Programs: Dennis Rook, Chair
Member Services: Angus Haggarty, Chair
Sargeant-At-Arms: Marie Newell, Chair
Music: John Blessin, Chair
Maintenance & Rotary Works: John Shackleton, Chair
Installation: Carol Tichelman, Chair

Community Service: Don Bates, Director
Rotary Dinner 2018: Bob Gemmel/Bob Esau, Co-Chairs
Book Sort: Janet Reeves, Chair
Rotary Trails: Victor Froese, Chair
Project Ways & Means: John Wise, Chair
Garden & Lifestyle Tour: Doug Wickers, Chair

Foundation: Robin Klassen, Director
Foundation Annual Giving: Sue Attrill, Chair
Honours and Awards: Debora Soutar, Chair
VTT & Foundation Scholarship - Mike Hamel, Chair

International Service: Michael Simpson, Director
International Services: Karen Stanton, Chair
Fellowship and Interclub: Glenda Standeeven, Chair

Membership: Paul Blessin, Director
Membership, Recruitment & Classification: Bob Plowright, Chair
Constitution, Privacy & Bylaws/Club Leadership: Larry Stinson, Chair
  Nominating: Dennis Rook, Chair
Membership, Education & Retention: Dave Robinson, Chair

Public Image: Rick Mawson, Director
Bulletin: Shelley MacDonnell, Chair
Public Relations: Patti Lawn, Chair
Website: Michael Berger, Chair
Christmas Parade: Richard Procee, Chair
Flag Project: Wayne McAlpine

Vocational Service: Julie Unger, Director
Careers & 4-Way Test: Richard Procee, Chair
Health Awareness: Ron Browne, Chair
Scholarship Golf Tournament: Cameron Wilson/Andy Kirkness, Co-Chairs
Literacy: Patti Lawn, Chair

Youth Services: Kevin Gemmell, Director
Youth Exchange: Debora Soutar, Chair
Youth Opportunity: Justin Dyck, Chair
Scholarship Awards: John Les, Chair


New Rotary Service Building - Chair Victor Froese