Just a little reminder, whether you are working towards that 100% attendance pin, or just trying to catch up if you have missed a lot of meetings, there are many ways to earn a Make-Up!

Here's how:

Making-Up is Easy to Do


How to Earn a Make-up
  • Attend a meeting at another club, including Interact and Rotaract.
  • Complete a make-up online with an e-club (http://www.rotary.org/en/Members/GeneralInformation/MakeUpMissedMeetings/).
  • Attend a club board meeting or committee meeting.
  • Attend a club fellowship event (e.g. Cruise Ship Lunch, Rowdy Rotary Picnic, Theatre Night).
  • Participate in a club service project (e.g. Glory Hole, Food Drive, Bell Ringing).
  • Participate in a club fundraiser event (e.g. deliver roses, Brewfest, Wine Auction).
  • Attend an event or fundraiser for another club, Rotaract, or Interact.
  • Participate in a service project for another club, Rotaract, or Interact.
  • Spend time outside of meetings with the club’s Inbound Youth Exchange Student.
  • Attend District-level meetings or conferences.
  •  Attend RI-level meetings or conferences.
  • Attend an informal fellowship gathering of three or more Rotarians (e.g. Young Rotarians, Out the Road Rotary). Notice must be given to the club President or Secretary in advance of gathering.
  • Members who take on a role within the club that requires a significant time commitment outside of meetings (Secretary, Treasurer, Windjammer) will earn one make-up per/month.‚Äč
  • The first Alaska Yukon eClub was chartered at the district conference. Http://rotaryeclub5010.org  It isn't as set up as the eclub one but it will be an alternative. 
Make-ups should be reported to the club Secretary and can be used for a missed meeting that takes place within three months of the make-up.

All committee and project chairs are expected to report to the Secretary attendance at meetings and events that they are coordinating.