Contact: Mary Siroky
Sandy Beach Picnic Shelter
101 Savikko Rd
Douglas, AK 99824
United States of America

After reviewing the current COVID data on the CBJ dashboard,  recognizing that our Quad Club Picnic is a family event and calling upon the Four-Way Test – the 4 club presidents decided it was in the community’s and our members best interest to postpone this event.  Ensuring our school kids can have a real school- year is of the upmost importance.
 The active number of cases in Juneau has increased from 6 on July 12th to 67 yesterday and with the delta variant widely present – canceling is the right thing to do .  I know you are as disappointed as we are that we are unable to have this event, but with the participation of all of Juneau we can hopefully nip this surge in the bud.
 Thanks for your patience
Daniel Bleidorn, President Gastineau Rotary Club
Mary Siroky, President Juneau Rotary Club
Michelle Strickler, President Glacier Valley Rotary Club
Adam Sycks, President Innovators Rotary Club