8185 Keegan Street
Juneau, AK 99801
United States of America
An OCS employee who works with foster families in Juneau (Office of Children’s Service, DHSS/SOA) shared with a Club member that there is a foster family in the valley with 5 foster kids, all with special needs of varying degrees.  The family shared with OCS their difficulty in ensuring the kids can play safely outside because their large backyard is not fenced in and the kids have, on more than one occasion, tried to run out front where a significant street posses a risk.  During the winter, one of the kids with a more severe cognitive and autistic issues ran to the front and hid in a snow bank, resulting in a frantic search for the child.  The parents are in the process of formally adopting the kids to make sure they are cared for in a loving family and in a safe environment.  
This need was brought to our attention and, in discussions with PE Johnson and a few other rotarians, we conducted a site visit.  The addition of a fence to the backyard is a straightforward service project that can engage members in an outside setting and on a reasonable budget for the lasting impact it will make for this deserving family.
The proposed plan is:
- craft a site plan and gather building permit (already in progress)
procure and situate materials on site after board approval or project budget
- establish a schedule of ~6work sessions to consist of the following project steps
(1) dig post holes for ~16 posts w/Tyler rental equipment
(2) place posts and pour cement w/Aggpro 
(3) string vertical supports 
(4) cut/prep/stain fence board 
(5) finish prep on fence boards and install gate
(6) place boards along supports and cleanup
- Begin project in July 2020, end by the end of August 2020
- make sure social distancing and masks are used when possible, even when outside and in the sun. 
A few of these work sessions (I.e. digging post holes and then filling them in with cement) should be work sessions that are within days of each other to ensure kids don’t have holes in the backyard for too long, increasing hazards while others can be spaced out over a weekly basis if needed.