Our first annual Bunco Fireside is Mission Accomplished! There was a lot of good-natured competition and laughter as we rattled and rolled our way through three games of the infamous dice game known as Bunco. In the end, Linda won a prize for most Wins, Tom won Most Buncos, Yaro took a prize for the Last Bunco of the Night (which explains the attractive accessories he is wearing), and Tim was the Biggest Loser but went home with excellent prizes, as well, including a Youth Exchange pin that Yaro presented to him. A huge thank you to the Gambles for hosting: it was a fun night full of great food and fellowship. In fact, Yaro enjoyed it so much, he intends to share the game with his friends back in the Netherlands, but he is going to have to provide his own sombrero and necklace...Tonya's not giving up those family heirlooms.