Fantastic turnout for the first WAPI Assembly! We had 17 Rotarians and 6 friends and family members come together to build the water purification indicator kits. See below for more details as well as the WAPI photo album for more fun pix.
As some background for why we took on this project, in many developing countries water is a precious but often unsanitary commodity. People need to purify the water to make it safe for their use. Pasteurization can be accomplished at a lower temperature than boiling, which saves fuel and time, but how to tell when that point has been reached? WAPIs are the answer. This simple, inexpensive and reusable tool indicates when that safe temperature has been reached by melting a small red pellet of soy wax within a clear glass tube. There are several steps in building the units and we had a great organization of stations to create our assembly line. You can see some of those steps in the WAPI photo album - heating the glass tubes and crimping, adding the wax and washer, wire cutting and threading, final crimping and the critically important "testing" to make sure they are watertight.
We completed 250 units in about 2 hours, fortified by pizza and fellowship. The goal is to complete 600 kits so be on the look-out in February for our next session! It's a fun way to get involved and "do some good."