In last week's Eastwind, President Paul mentioned that there were opportunities for hands-on international service with AER's District 5010 grants.  One of those grants is for $4000 ($2000 from District funds, matched by AER's $2000) and is to provide water filters for families and schools that do not have access to safe water (unless they buy jugs of it) in a rural area of Mexico south of Puerto Vallarta.
The pictures below illustrate what an assembled water filter looks like and what the assembly process is like.  AER members Sandra Wicks and Bruce Phelps participated last year in a private water filter distribution done in conjunction with a Vancouver, Washington, Rotary club.  This year AER will use its grant funds to provide water filters to 88 families and schools.  AER member Duff Pfanner and his wife will join Bruce and Sandra at the first distribution, which is scheduled for November 18.  You could participate, too, if you schedule your vacation to Puerto Vallarta at that time.  There will also be distributions in January and February.  For more information, contact Sandra Wicks.
An assembled water filter.
Showing a water filter recipient how to assemble her water filter.
Showing a recipient how to clean her water filter using a plastic syringe included in the kit.
Duff Pfanner participated in a previous water filter distribution a few years ago and is signed up for another one this year.