Posted by Karen Smith
A THANK YOU to all of our wonderful AER members who have taken Yuga to movies, dinners, and most of all for reaching out and sharing your experiences with him these past few months.  We had the son of a Rotarian bring him McDonald's last weekend as a surprise.  Boy, he felt special!
Winter is upon us and this would be a great time to take him sledding, cross country skiing, snow shoeing or an adventure to another city in Alaska.  A current debate we are having in our home is whether Santa is real!?  The E Street Theatre is hosting a fundraiser for Yuga's West Coast Trip with The Polar Express.  I'm quite sure he'll believe after this incredible night!
On Wednesday, we'll bring a list of interests he has, but like many, it includes the Northern Lights, Fairbanks (to see the North Pole), skiing, snow machine rides, dog sled rides, ice fishing and the list goes on.
Thanks again AER members for welcoming this young man into your homes.  Though he may be a boy of few words, he is appreciative!  His first snowman and snow angel are shown below!