Posted by Karen Smith

Yuga had another big week in Alaska!!

His adventure began in Willow this weekend for the Exchange Students Orientation.  His clean, beige jacket is now covered with pins.  He would love an Alaskan license plate to wear on the back of his jacket.  If you have one for him, reach out and we'll "pin" him on Wednesday.

His American Teenager dream we dropped him at SAHS at 6am to decorate a locker for a friend's birthday.  He also has a Playstation 4 and is in heaven. He earns his playtime and is teaching his sisters a few soccer moves with the game.  

He had yummy pizza with Marika's family and is thrilled how our members go out of their way to meet him with kindness.

He's a bright boy and his English skills improve each week.  Text him directly @ 907 205 7181.