Posted by Sandra Wicks

In case you missed it last week, Sandra Wicks reported on the beginnings of an effort to help villages on the shores of Lake Chapala (Mexico's largest lake) have safe water to drink using the water filters our club has been distributing around Puerto Vallarta.  The villages have geothermal water carrying heavy metals coming through their pipes and, as a result, at least partially, the villages have extremely high rates of kidney failure.

By making contacts through the local Rotary Clubs, Sandra was able to work with a local nonprofit to deliver filters to "mothers-in-charge" who received one Sawyer bucket-style water filter to share with 5, 6 or 7 related families.  The filters are for use with the local lake water or water delivered to large tanks in some of the villages, not with the geothermal water, since the filters will not remove heavy metals.  In all, 20 filters are serving over 500 people.  A report from the nonprofit showed that in the first month of use, thousands of liters of water were filtered by the families.

Below are two of the group photos after filters were assembled on buckets brought to the distribution point by the "mothers-in-charge".  If you did not see the presentation and would like to, contact Sandra ( to learn more about the project.