AER member Sandra Wicks recently visited her house in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico, accompanied by a Rotary friend from the Puerto Vallarta Sur Rotary Club with whom she has worked on scholarship and water filter projects of the Puerto Vallarta club.  While in Ajijic, Sandra and her Puerto Vallarta Rotary friend attended the "changing of the guard" of the Ajijic Rotary Club (they call it "passing the gavel").  In May Sandra made a presentation to the Ajijic Rotary Club about AER's previous water filter projects and got to know some of the members.  In the picture below are (from left to right) Sandra, Carole Wolf, the in-coming president of the Ajijic Club, Gin Pelzl, the out-going president and new treasurer, and Eleanor Hawthorn from the Puerto Vallarta Sur Rotary Club.
When you are traveling, if you have the time, visit other Rotary Clubs and maybe you will make some new friends.  At a minimum, you can get tips about the local area, ideas for projects and fundraisers, and maybe you'll even get an invitation to someone's home.  Go to and click on the "club locator".