Posted by Fur Rondy
Fur Rondy and Anchorage East Rotary Club are teaming up to kick off Rondy 2018 with a beer festival on February 17th  from 3pm-7pm at the Anchorage Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Anchorage.  The event will feature over 20 breweries from across Alaska, along with food, and live music for Alaskans to enjoy while tasting the best brews that Alaska has to offer.  Adam Sikorski, of the Anchorage Rotary East Club, is the leader of this event, and has rallied Fur Rondy and Rotary club members to build this event as a fundraiser to benefit organizations that combat human trafficking within Alaska and beyond.  
Human trafficking is a growing problem in the state that is often hidden from sight of the public.  According to a study by the Modern Slavery Research Project at Loyola University, almost 20% homeless youth interviewed had experiences that fit the definition of human trafficking.  When considering the mission of the event, Adam Sikorski stated “Human trafficking is a global issue, and we want to do our part to fight it locally.”
The Rondy Rotary Beer Festival is a new event for Fur Rondy 2018, and has been supported favorably by Alaskan breweries as well as local Alaskan restaurants.  Admission is $45 on Centertix, and includes a commemorative glass to mark the launch of Anchorage’s newest beer festival. 
If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Adam Sikorski at 907 202-2105 or email at