Posted by Paul Paslay
Hello fellow Rotarians.
Last Friday I enjoyed spending some hours at the airport with a group of Rotarians who are passionate about youth exchange.  I helped greet about 5 – 10 exchange students from around the world, including our own Adam Szabo from Slovakia.
These young people may have little knowledge of Rotary at the beginning of their year abroad, but after one year they should be able to speak well about our program and be an ambassador to others.  We have the Interact and Rotaract clubs which they can join, and ultimately they can move into being members of a Rotary club.  Thus our youth exchange program can be viewed as a way we bring in new members to our organization.
When you talk to people about what Rotary is, consider mentioning the “membership drive” aspect which is our Rotary youth exchange program.  Even if a youth exchange student does not pursue Rotary membership, or a person you invite to lunch does not become a member, they go away from the experience with a positive view of what our organization does, and this word can spread to others.