Posted by Paul Paslay
Hello East Rotarians,
Following is more from RI President Barry Rassin in his President’s Message in the August issue of The Rotarian:
“Our membership has hovered around the same 1.2 million mark for 20 years.  We aren’t growing, and our membership is getting older.  We have too many clubs that don’t have the knowledge or motivation to have an impact: clubs that don’t know what we’re doing on a global level, clubs that don’t know about our programs or our Foundation, that don’t even know how to get involved.  And with a membership that is still mostly male, we clearly aren’t doing enough to become the organization of choice for women who are seeking to serve.”
August is Rotary’s membership month.  I urge everyone to think of who they might invite to check out Rotary.  It would be nice if it is a prospective member for Anchorage East, but there are about 7 clubs in the Anchorage area which meet at different times, and each of which has its own distinctive atmosphere. 
I spoke with one of the presenters at our last meeting, encouraging her to consider Rotary.  She said she is on the road about 8 months of the year and it would be hard to attend a “brick & mortar” meeting.  I told her that the Rotary E-Club might be a good fit.