Posted by Milena Sevigny

Please take a moment to review the biography for AER's newest application, Mrs. Milena Sevigny.

As the Community Relations Coordinator for TOTE Maritime, Milena is responsible for fostering a positive relationship with the local community in Alaska and Washington state. She manages the corporate giving and community involvement platform for the company which includes charitable contributions, sponsorships, in-kind donations and employee volunteer efforts. Milena has a strong ability to build, maintain and leverage diverse networks across multiple industries and has been working in Public Relations for almost eight years. Milena is also an active Board Member of the Food Bank of Alaska.

Milena moved to Alaska from Houston, Texas to work as the Social Investment Advisor in the Alaska Venture for Shell Exploration and Production Company. She worked extensively with the communities on the North Slope and Anchorage developing a strong passion for working with Native Alaskans to help preserve their cultural practices and language. When Shell Oil left Alaska in 2015, Milena and her family decided that they did not want to leave the beautiful state of Alaska. Milena was fortunate to find a new role that enabled her to continue to work with the local community. Her spare time is spent volunteering at the Ya Ne Dah Ah Chickaloon Tribal School in Sutton, hiking, fishing, hunting, picking berries or sewing quilts and fur garments by the fire with her family.

Milena holds a Bachelor's degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management from Bournemouth University which she obtained from the campus in Neuchatel, Switzerland. She lived and worked in Switzerland for six years and graduated with students from 26 countries. She loves meeting people from different countries and learning about their traditions and culture. Milena is fluent in French and can also communicate in Spanish, German, Portuguese and Swedish.

Milena lives in Wasilla, Alaska with her husband, Daniel, and her son Orion (4).