As the new Rotary year begins, I am honored to be serving as your President. Time and circumstance have arranged this. It is now up to us to continue in the great tradition that is Anchorage East Rotary.
Our love, thoughts and prayers go to Rene Haag and her family, as they gracefully face their challenges.
Having served before, some presume this will be “Old Hat” for me. Quite the opposite. Rotary, our club, our world have changed so much from when I was President, that this will be a totally new experience for all of us.
However, the constant that does transcend time is my passion for Rotary and all it brings.  I am committed to doing my very best to ensure that our Rotary year together is fun, successful and meaningful. 
I close today with the words of our Rotary International President John F. Germ:
Today, we look ahead toward a Rotary year that may one day be known as the greatest in our history: the year that sees the world's last case of polio.
Every day that you serve in Rotary, you have the opportunity to change lives. Everything you do matters; every good work makes the world better for us all. In this new Rotary year, we all have a new chance to change the world for the better, through Rotary Serving Humanity.
Thank you,
President Paul