Posted by Paul Paslay
  • Karla Jutzi presented me with a letter of gratitude from the Food Bank and announced that for the fiscal year which ended June 30, AER distributed 64,745 pounds of food to 1,151 families.  Overall, with AER help, FBOA distributed about 1.4 million pounds of food to 30,327 families.
  • Amy Mackey-Hornak, president of Anchorage South, addressed the club about the August 8 & August 15 work periods for the District Grant supported garden box project.  A number of people signed up to volunteer.
  • Our speaker was Douglas Plume, who was an exchange student from our club years ago, and this fall starts law school at Boston University.  He gave a timely talk about the benefit to him to have been in the exchange program.  There were many good questions asked of him at the end of his remarks.  Our latest exchange student, Adam Szabo, will arrive on August 3.
  • I announced to the club that Jerry and Vivien LaFevers, who just moved to Redding, California, are safe from the fires in the area.
  • Bill Ure asked the club to inform him of particular programs that they might want at our club.  Bill is our vice president and is in charge of programs this year.
  • Heather Flynn announced that she will be making a large donation to the Foundation next week.
  • Heather also agreed to buy the No Fine Button for next week.  For this year, we have decided to have a sign-up list for people to buy it for a one-time opportunity for $50.