Posted by Paul Paslay
Here are the highlights from Anchorage East Rotary meeting on August 8, 2018:
  • Sally Archer gave a happy dollar and expressed well received thoughts about the role of bringing new members into our club.
  • Dave Kester gave happy dollars for his excellent showing in a weekend golf tournament.  He plans to take our exchange student Adam Szabo golfing.
  • Visiting Anchorage South Rotarian Ross Johnston auctioned off admission to an upcoming event to Marilyn Porter for $50.  The event is Accelerate Alaska, August 29 – 30 at the Anchorage Loussac Library.
  • Dave Young announced our yearly softball match with Anchorage Downtown Rotary on August 22, 6 pm, at Mulcahy Stadium.
  • Heather Flynn had the No Fine button and told a story of overcoming souffle creation challenges in her kitchen on her birthday.
  • Mariko Selle bought the No Fine button for August 15, and Gideon Garcia bought it for August 22.
  • Past President Lance Wilber announced the first AERIE meeting will be coming up.
  • Adam Sikorski mentioned our Beer Fest coming up early next year, and that the Kenai Peninsula Beer Fest, which is an inspiration for our event, takes place August 11, 5p – 10p.  Some Anchorage area Rotarians will be going there to help out.