Posted by Paul Paslay
Highlights for Anchorage East Rotary from September 5 – September 11, 2018. 
At our meeting September 5:
  • We remembered our member David Hoffman who is on the mend from medical challenges.
  • Sandra Wicks gave happy dollars about her trip to Europe.
  • Our treasurer Jennifer Snodgrass made good use of the no-fine-button to talk about her work life.
  • Barbara Swenson was awarded a Major Donor award for contributing $10,000 cash to the Foundation.  Arnie Cohen did the presentation.  Congratulations and thank you, Barbara!
Later in the week:
  • Wednesday late afternoon Woody and Chottie Angst, Sandra Wicks, Bruce Phelps, Shirley Nelson, myself, and a number of folks from the Anchorage South Rotary community, constructed 8 garden boxes at Baxter Elementary and partially filled them with dirt.  The business which supplies the soil closed at 5p so we were not able to fill all the boxes with dirt.  On Thursday Adam Sikorski and I, together with Amy Mackey-Hornak and another from Anchorage South, returned to Baxter Elementary and completed the job.  The man who brought the dirt was able to dump it directly into the beds, so it did not take long to rake and shovel the dirt evenly.
  • On Saturday, under brilliant sunny skies was our monthly Mobile Food Pantry.  Sharon Sullivan, Ventis Plume, Bill Faulkner, Duff Pfanner, Reed Smith, Sandra Wicks, Bruce Phelps, Heather Flynn, Karen Smith, Christian Deykes, Jeff Blake, Lee Nordstrom and yours truly were present.  We could not completely get rid of a mountain of spinach and bagged salad fixings the Food Bank delivered!
  • On Monday we had another social event at the 2 Friends Gallery, owned and hosted by Jacqui Ertischek.  Mary Rohlfing, Jim & Kim Arlington, Gloria Castenada, Sandra Wicks, Bruce Phelps, Woody and Chottie Angst, Emily Rohrabaugh (with her little one), Raquel Edelen, Heather Flynn, Kathleen Madden, Rayli Wilson and yours truly munched on nice refreshments.  Sivaluaq, an Inupiaq artist and story teller, was present.  So was a cloudless sky outside.