Posted by Paul Paslay
At our meeting August 29:
  • Sgt Rich informed us a visiting Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Pleasantburg in Greenville, SC, sent us his club’s banner in memory of an enjoyable visit to our club meeting.
  • We sang happy birthday to our exchange student Adam Szabo, whose 17th birthday actually fell on the day of the meeting.  Bill Miernyk gave to Adam an Anchorage East mug.
  • Jeff Blake from the Communications Committee reviewed what he and co-chair Chris Wolpert have planned for this year.  He asked for members to sign up to help think about and participate in a public image/relations project for the club.
  • Dave Young announced that Anchorage East trounced Anchorage Downtown 17 – 3 in the annual softball match.
Later in the week:
  • On Thursday the Community Service Committee met for the first time.  Present were co-chairs Christian Deykes and Rebecca Sentner, together with Gideon Garcia, Barbara Swenson, Duff Planner, Reed Smith, Heather Flynn and myself.  One grant was approved to be submitted to the board, and there is a need for more submittals for grants.  Please think of what might be a good one!
  • I attended the luncheon meeting on Thursday for Anchorage South, where the presenter was from Children’s Lunchbox, which is a program of Beans Café.  This is one of the programs to which the produce from our garden boxes will be donated.
  • Today I visited the second meeting of the Interact Club at West High.  John Ruhlin, the faculty adviser, had the students tape together boxes to create places for plastic to be collected for later delivery to a larger bin.  Tomorrow East High Interact meets for the first time.