Posted by Sandra Wicks
On January 10, four Rotarians, Bruce Phelps and Sandra Wicks from AER, a man from our partner club (Vancouver Sunrise, Vancouver, WA) and Sandra's cousin from the Grants Pass, OR, Rotary Club, drove 2 hours south of Puerto Vallarta to deliver water filters paid for by our District grants in two villages.  On the way, we stopped to see a lady who received her filter in our fall distribution just to see if it was working or she had any problems.  The filter worked fine, and we reminded her and her grand-daughter how to clean the filter with the big plastic syringe.
We delivered 24 filters in one village and then stopped at another village where 7 people had not received filters in a previous distribution.  We still have 39 filters to distribute before we return to Anchorage in mid-February.  The filter recipients are extremely grateful to have a way to filter their own water and not have to buy or boil water.  Bonus: we discovered that the bad tasting water in one village tasted good once we filtered it.