Posted by Gretchen Klein
AER Members, here are the details for our next social event:
  • What is it:  Music & Artisan presentation by owner Jacqui Ertischek
  • Where: 2 Friends Gallery, 341 E. Benson
  • When:  Monday, September 10, 2018, 6:00-8:00pm
  • Cost: $10 (RSVP required - limit 50)
Food and refreshments will be provided by 2 Friends Gallery per the owner's request instead of members bringing their own dishes.  (This is a change from the notice posted on the social flyer).  If you plan on signing up for this private Rotary social party, please RSVP and make payment by September 5th.  ***Make checks payable to East Rotary Social Event by September 5th so we can give the final count to 2 Friends and make payment for food and refreshments.