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Review of current status of Rotaract (see attachment)

Upcoming Rotaract activities:

  • Leadership/teamwork seminar (August 18)
  • Leading Rotary meeting (September 5)
  • Halloween Party Fundraiser (October)
  • Various community-service activities - MS Bike Tour, KIVA service project, Soldier project, Interact etc.


Rotaract needs members! Ideas:

  • Need to ask Rotarians (especially those with young people working for them) to refer members. This may need to be a personal ask. Rotaract will be leading September 5 Rotary meeting - perfect time for Rotarians to bring an "under 30" guest.

 Strengthening the bond between Rotary and Rotaract:

  • Invite Rotaract to Rotary's social events
  • Rotaract should get copies of the Eastwind - talk to Greg Solomon or Paul Paslay about getting them access.
  • Propose a joint service activity with Rotary and Rotaract (mobile food pantry?)

 David Oteo volunteered to be Rotaract chair.


Action items:

  • Mariko to get David up to speed on Rotaract chair duties and introduce David to Rotaractors.


Review of current status of Interact (see attachment)

Susan Bunker and Megan Brady are Interact chair.



Jump-starting Interact.

Rotary-wide committee meeting (AER, Downtown, Rotaract currently involved). They will go to the ASD fair to meet and create relationships with school principals. Victoria did not think they would be able to get a slot at Student Activation Days.


Action items:

  • Mariko and Megan to look for Interact pwpt and send to Susan.
  • Susan to contact Carol Comeau re: participation in student activation days.


Review of RYLA rep responsibilities. (see attached)

Review of RYLA planning committee member responsibilities. Planning meetings will start in August.


Please consider participating in RYLA this year!


Action items:

  • Mariko to find someone to be RYLA chair
  • Mariko to find someone to serve on RYLA planning committee


Review of the Youth Exchange Program



Need one person to be in charge of making sure host families are "cared for" by our club. Megan Brady volunteered to be the "host experience chair." Rina Salazar will help her in this role.


We also need a person (or persons) to be the "student experience chair" - someone to make sure Rotarians are spending time with exchange students, and report back to the club.


We should have a calendar online showing the exchange student's schedule with Rotarians. David Oteo will work on this.


Scrapbook idea - so future exchange students can see what to expect.


Need to get a profile of exchange students so we know more about them.


Action Items:

  • Megan to begin working on host appreciation activities. Rina to assist.
  • David to spearhead getting YE-Rotarian activities on online calendar. Mariko will assist.
  • Mariko to find someone to take on "student experience chair."


Next meeting: Tuesdays work good. Venue worked well, so same time, same place.