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5/9/17-Scherwitz & Castillo

General Discussion:
  • Attendance: Members=22, Associate Members=2, Guests=4
  • Narda Murphy was honored at the Williamston City Council Meeting last night as she is retiring from School Superintendent this year
    Narda Murphy at the City Council Meeting - May 8, 2017
               (Thanks to Earl Wolf for the photo)
Special Guest Speakers - Lee & Sue Scherwitz - Coordinators for Rotary Youth Exchange in our District

            Lee Scherwitz, President Narda Murphy, Sue Scherwitz
  • They have a girl from India to place
    • Deborah Wolf volunteered to take her in
  • Lee told us of the process as we finished our breakfast
    • July - They have to commit to the number of foreign students they will take for the following year
      • How many will be take for the District
    • Mid-August - training camp weekend
      • Team building and getting to know each other
    • September - trip to Chicago
    • October - Service project in Jackson
      • Halloween party for needy kids
    • November - Choosing next year’s Outbound students
    • January - Winterfest
      • Get together - training
    • February - Outbound training weekend
      • To go overseas
    • March - PETS
    • May - District Conference
    • July - Central  State Rotary Youth Exchange Conference
      • Includes Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada Rotaries
      • Largest Youth Exchange Conference in world
        • 500-800 students
    • Start all over again
  • They take care of the training
  • Finding host families is the hardest part
  • No cost to the club for an Outbound student (from here going overseas)
  • Inbound student - Club is the host for the student
    • It’s the club’s responsibilities to provide experiences for them
    • Provide $75/month stipend for the student
      • About $1200-$1300/year expense for club
    • Youth Exchange Officer (Merlin) gets training to help with his job
  • Most students speak pretty good English - they take English as a 2nd language
  • Outbound students:
    • Ages 15 ½  to 18 ½ years old
    • Good academic status
    • Need to have a good personality & character
    • Be an excellent goodwill ambassador between US & host country
    • Outbound students get a $24,000 scholarship
      • To cover room & boards with a $7500 stipend
      • Lee & Sue take care of the scholarship
    • We should recruit local students to participate
      • Outbound students need to check on classes that can transfer
      • Depends on school district - have an international accreditation
      • Worst case they may require a 5th year in HS
  • Website: for more info
General Discussion:
  • Ice Cream delivery to Teachers - Raj
  • This Thursday 1:30
  • 5 people showed they would bring coolers with wheels to help
  • Duck Race - Jim
  • $5700 in sponsorships so far
    • Still under the $10,000 we got last year
  • Last Thursday night at the Ice Cream Social - the Cub Scouts started selling tickets
    • There was a line of 4th grade boys wanting to get into the Duckie suit
  • Jim will email us with a logon to Signup Genius to signup for selling tickets at Farmer’s Market & D&W
  • May Poker Nights - last week - Steve
    • Gained $5258 total for the three nights (and $22 in tips)
      • Paying ACE’s $1616 and about $500 to Reno’s
      • Netting $3142
    • We have made $15,000 in Poker for the year
Guest Speaker - John Roy Castillo - new Executive Director for Senior Center

       John Roy Casillo, President Narda Murphy & Jim Conroy
  • Thanked Rotary for their support over the years
  • John is an attorney in Lansing
  • He welcomes suggestions & recommendations for the Senior Center
  • Things they have done so far:
  • Updating the old pamphlet
  • Arts Programs - free for seniors
    • 9 classes: 2-3 hours each
    • Generated new memberships
  • When CATA stopped serving Williamston & Webberville
    • Talked to them to get some of it back
    • Promised to start partial service in July
    • They eliminated “Ready Ride” - but still have Rural Service
    • Recommend register concerns with the County Commission
  • Starting trips  - May 19th to Turkeyville to see a play
  • Future: How can we provide expanded service?
    • Website - need a webmaster to update (student?)
    • Email updated
    • Jobs - to do outreach & funding
    • Do PowerPoint to show to groups
  • Some issues with construction and changes going on in the building
    • What was done looks great, but Senior Center will be last to change
    • No rent for 10 years
  • Open House on Thursday, May 18th from 3-9 pm
  • What programs can they offer for seniors that are more mobile?
Space restrictions limit what they can d