I thought it was a safe bet:  $50 for every 1k Buck Burdett could walk/run/crawl  smiley
After all, he was only a few months post-op from back surgery. I could afford the $50.
May 7, 2016 and a large group gathered at Manzano Mile near Marble Falls High School for a fund-raiser 5k "Run for Recovery." When I popped off at a Daybreak meeting over a month ago that I would contribute $50 for every kilometer Buck finished he was just barely starting recovery from his back surgery -- gee, how far could he walk? Not far enough to hurt me. 
I was to also walk it, maybe run a little, enjoy some fresh air. But Mother's Day got in the way. A bit later in the morning my text notification went off and there appeared a text from Paula Mays-Hall on Buck's cell phone:  "Hello Judge, it's Paula. Buck finished 2K Woo Hoo!" Turns out it he actually finished 3.2k. Do the math: 3.2 x 50 = $160. I told Paula I would fax the check wink
Way to go Buck! An outstanding effort for one of the fantastic charities supported by Daybreak Rotary. Especially a good effort by 75 year old Buck Burdett. And 43 of those years have been spent in perfect attendance at Rotary.