RYLA  (Rotary Youth Leadership Award)

by Iveta Kecskesova

Our club sponsored 2 upcoming leaders to attend RYLA week early January 2018. Sean Hatten and Arjuna Jayasooriya “AJ” shared their experience with us on Friday 9 February and what a fantastic presentation. We learned that their week was packed with learning, developing new skills and pushing their limits. Sean and AJ spoken about challenge of to learn to listen, working within a team, building the confidence. They tackled fear of public speaking, learned about their personality and style of leadership, experienced problem solving under pressure. And all this while they had fun and strike new friendships. Thank you Rotarians for giving Sean and AJ opportunity to attend RYLA week.

What is RYLA?

RYLA is a leadership training and personal development program. Candidates aged between 19 and 25 who demonstrate leadership ideas through their work, community involvement or study are selected to attend RYLA, a 1-week program held at  YMCA Camp Yarramundi, in Yarramundi, NSW. The RYLA program is designed to:
  • Build on the existing leadership of participants;
  • Encourage participants to further develop their own skills, talents and abilities; and
  • Remind participants of their responsibility to their communities and to the world.
Participants return from the program fully motivated, with a renewed sense of self and emphasis on proactivity, and, as such, add value to the broader organisation/ industry to which they belong.