Down Memory Lane

by Guy Glenny

Our first President Peter Watt had been a member of the Sydney Club. He was dedicated to the objectives of Rotary, but not so much abiding by all the rules. He inculcated from the outset the irreverent attitude that has been a hallmark of the Club, and the sense of fun. Two subsequent examples of this sense of fun in the early years were promoted by two Presidents who have since gone to a better place.

Robert Opiat, an easy going American who was President in the early 1990's, organized a fund raising Casino Cruise on the John Cadman. It was a great evening, and one of the memorable moments was a mock wedding when Bruce Nicholls, playing the husband, got married to Ross Moody (a very solid citizen) playing the bride. Within 12 months Bruce went on to marry Anne Fletcher, who was one of our first lady members, the first Lady President, and the first "Club" wedding.

John Westmacott (Henry's father) was President before me and a great mentor to me. In the Changeover dinner between his and my presidency, he organized a Club skit with song and dance. I well remember Michael Maher dressed in a blond wig as Agnetha from ABBA lip synching "I do, I do, I do", and also Michael and Alan Tate lip synching "Men in tights".  Must see photo in the Scrapbook below.