May 08, 2020
David McCredie CEO British Chamber of Commerce

David is a trusted advisor to government and a wide range of businesses providing him with a unique insight across numerous sectors. His ability to gain cut through and share insights into the opportunities for businesses to perform better, to grow and to reach the right markets has made him a key asset to the many companies that he has worked with.

Within a business, David provides vision and leadership, creating a culture of improvement and teamwork that delivers results. His tenure at the Australian British Chamber of Commerce has delivered growth in membership, sponsorship, the number and quality of events and provided opportunities for organisations to gain access to leaders, key corporate and government figures.

David has also developed the Chamber’s reach internationally. He spearheaded the introduction of the Chamber’s three international programmes; Financial Services, Health and Infrastructure, and participated in the inaugural Australia-UK Leadership forum in 2018.  

David has been a regular contributor to a variety of media outlets, including ABC, Sky news and CNN, covering Brexit, UK politics and economics. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Technology Sydney and an MBA from the University of Newcastle and completed the 2015 Commonwealth Study Conference (UK).