Friday, March 10, 2017 started off with a "yum" as we filled our plates with country ham, toast turkey, and the accoutrements our mastication assisted by the Kurtzweil genius of JD Smith fame.  Linda Lynch thanked God for wealth in all its forms after which we lustily, if partially tunefully, thanked him for blessed America.  Dave Trumpie carried the vocal relayer to our guests and Irv Nichols pronounced us healthy except for a terrible slip and fall by Jack Bates.
President Jack announced the Rotary Foundation grant window to be officially open taking all worthies but limited, in time, to March 31.  He then, speaking to the few who would probably not remember anyway, reminded us of the loss of one hour of sleep Sunday morning.  Heck we can make that up during our nap.
The father of special music headliner alto, Matt Wiesner, introduced his son and soprano, Samantha White, who gave us a teaser for the upcoming East Lansing High School production of "Guys and Dolls".  They sang, harmoniously I might add, "I will know" and "I've never been in love before".  Guys and Dolls composer lyricist Frank Loesser would be proud.  What a joy talented youngsters, our grandchildren's peers are.  I wouldn't miss the production unless it happens on Friday at noon.
Chair of the day and month, Michelle Reynaert, turned the podium over to the poised, gentile, mellifluous Lansing based distributor of Newby Teas Corporation, Raji Singh who introduced us to her CEO and founder Nirmal Sethia by video.  Mr. Sethia regaled us with his vision for the world and how Tea fits into it.  After which we were brought up to speed on the international world of gourmet tea.  We learned its history from the Ming Dynasty to the present with stops along the way for a nod to "high tea" courtesy of the renowned East India Company from the heyday of the British Empire.  All very entertaining and tasty since we were enjoying samples of her corporations' wares as we listened.  Not a mention of Lipton for some unknown reason.  Except for Hizzoner the dais looked like a Miss America waiting room during tryouts.
Next week we will hear Teri Battaglieri, spokeswoman for Michigan Delta Dental Insurance at the Country Club of Lansing.  We will hear about the pain that drives you to extraction.  Can't wait.
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