Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Brock Bastian, has gained acceptance and popularity among his peers at his Bolivian high school. He was one of 8 students nominated for Prom King. Brock's poster hung in the school grounds during prom season.


Hey, everybody!


My package from Rotary arrived. I waited 44 days for that package, and the wait was well worth it!  The package contains some highly-appreciated and life-saving candy.  Sherrie Tobin from EDH Rotary sent me lots, and lots, and lots of Jelly Belly packets, and a big bag of assorted candy.  My mom told me that the Jelly Belly packets are to share with my friends and the people of Bolivia.  Part of being an RYE exchange student is to share your culture, and since there is a Jelly Belly factory near Sacramento, the Jelly Bellys are basically something from my hometown.  So taking up the challenge, I took my Jelly Belly packets to school and handed them out to my classmates.  They absolutely loved them. Some of them even asked me if I could order some more on the Internet for them!

With the candy also arrived my Rotary flag and my RYE business cards.  I was looking at my photo on the cards, and I totally look different, as I have lost some weight.  About 15 pounds.  You might be able to tell from the attached photo.  You may be thinking that I'm dying of hunger over here, but I'm just fine.  It's the fact that none of the food I eat here is processed, and that I walk everywhere I go.  Also, the fact that I am living at 12,000 feet, and that my body has to work harder as I walk around, also helps.  It's actually quite funny, because my host brother, David, who is an RYE student in Canada, looks like he is getting chubbier! 

The highlight last week was Prom. Just to clear things up, Prom here isn't exactly like Prom in the U.S. where you go with a date, have dinner and spend all your time with your date. There is a contest for Prom King and Prom Queen but the voting here is done individually and not in pairs. There are 8 girl and 8 boy contestants, ranging from freshman to senior.

So lets get to the chase, and figure out the results......DRUM ROLL......I took 2nd place in the voting.  One of my best friends, Andrés, won Prom King and beat me by one (1) vote!  I don't necessarily mind losing, because it means a lot more to one of these kids down here to win Prom King than it would to me.  It is a very big deal to them, so I am glad that one of my friends won.  But to lose by one vote . . .  After the Prom King and Queen ceremony, we all just danced. It was fun!  It was basically just a big discoteca dance!